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The Joint Commission Essay

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The Joint Commission
Noelle Cunningham
HCS 430
April 15, 2013
Norman Greene

The Joint Commission
The Joint Commission continually seeks to improve health care for the public (The Joint Commission, 2013). The Joint Commission began in 1910 as an evaluation process called “the end result system of hospital standardization” to determine successful treatments of patients. Over the next 40 years, The Joint Commission evolved into a collaboration system. In 1951, several stakeholders, such as the ACP, the AMA, the AHA, and the CMA, join to create the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH). This organization serves to provide voluntary accreditation for health care agencies. ...view middle of the document...

The role of The Joint Commission is to strengthen community confidence in the quality of health care and services (The Joint Commission, 2013). This provides a competitive edge in the health care marketplace. In addition, JCAHO’s role is to reduce risks, provide education, and improve business. Through measuring performance, The Joint Commission provides credibility for a health care organization. Moreover, JCAHO provides a specific basis for monitoring performance. This monitoring will guide and stimulate improvement within the evaluated organization.
Effect on Health Care
The Joint Commission seems to have a more positive effect on health care services. Suggestions of beneficial effects include the increased staff motivation, the streamline of management functions, improved communications, and improved quality systems (Hassan, 2006). These improvements create a higher quality health care organization. For example, The Joint Commission conducts a survey on a local hospital. In the survey, JCAHO discovers that patient records are not kept to national standards. Upon this discovery, the hospital works to improve the filing and storage system. According to a study in Hussan’s thesis (2006), auditors conducted an analysis on the patients’ medical records. The analysis showed poor performance in the initial study. However, the study demonstrated a significant improvement by 135% only 15 months after the implementation of the JCAHO standards survey. Therefore, because The Joint Commission conducted this survey, the local hospital discovered areas for improvement. These improvements lead to a reduced risk for malpractice, an improved quality of patient care, and a more efficient way to run a business. “With the worldwide increase in interest to implement quality improvement initiatives and quality standards, it becomes increasingly important to develop measures of the actual effectiveness of these initiatives” (Hussan, 2006, p. 170).
JCAHO's Duties
The Joint Commission has several duties. The first duty is legal compliance. JCAHO ensures that the activities by or on behalf of the surveyed organization are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. For example, The Joint Commission will ensure that surveyed organization recruits, hires, trains, assigns, and terminates employees based on the employee’s abilities without regard to religion, race, age, or other classifications prohibited by law. Another duty of JCAHO is to ensure the ethical actions of the organization. JCAHO surveys the organization to ensure that employees of the organization are not engaging in unethical behavior. For example, employees “shall not engage in any activity or scheme intended to defraud anyone of money, property, or honest services” (The Joint Commission, 2013, p. 7). Confidentiality is another duty. The Joint Commission ensures that the organization is compliant with privacy laws. For example, JCAHO surveyors will audit the organization’s firewall policy...

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