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The Job I Would Love To Do In The Hospitality Industry

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The Job I would love to do in the Hospitality Industry

About 15 years ago. I developed this passion for cooking. I would cook for my friends while living in the barracks in Germany. They told me I was wasting my skills and that I need to pursue becoming a chef. Ever since that day, I have watched many episodes of celebrity chefs on television shows, such as, Big Daddy’s Kitchen, Emeril, and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef among others (Food Network Channel). I must say, I have also cooked some of their recipes, even gone as far as modifying them to please my guests who were very impressed with my skills.
I know there are other options out there that will help me in becoming a very ...view middle of the document...

They all have franchising opportunities, but my choice of business to open would be McDonald’s. Why, one may ask? McDonald’s is the number one fast food chain in the world and it is loved by everyone. On almost every street corner in the United States, there is a McDonald’s restaurant, and all of them are making a profit in one way or another. Parents love them because they are the leading sponsor in the American high School basketball annual game. Lucky high school teenagers, who are a stellar athlete, once selected, will gain national fame and even could get a scholarship to any of the top colleges in the United States.
My next option would be the lodging industry. As Americans continue to travel, the lodging industry will continue to be a booming industry. Many businesses, such as; Wells Fargo, Prudential, MetLife continue to expand their services throughout America, people will have to travel in order to complete the transactions that are being done. According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (, the first started back in the 1880’s. When the miners from all over the world came to work the mines in the Midwest, local owners saw the need for more living facilities, so they built houses and rented them out on monthly bases to miners. Since then, numerous hotel chains have opened up, some providing top quality services to lodgers from all over the globe. As business travels continue to rise, I personally would jump at the opportunity to open a Hilton Garden Hotel (see They consist of a chain of five star hotels (Waldorf Astoria, Doubletree, Hilton Garden Inn, and the Hampton Inn) and lower for travelers. Along with their services, they offer frequent travelers the opportunity to earn free stays by getting points for every time the stay at one of their chain of hotels.
Club Management is another career option that I would take. Owning a night club or bar in America is a good business, depending on the area. It would be best though to start out as a manager so that you the experience gained will help when you decide to become an owner. According to the ehow money website (, the day to day operations of a club is the nightclub managers’ responsibility. He/she has to ensure that the staff is prepared for the upcoming night by ensuring that adequate staff members are present for duty. They have to make sure that enough food and beverages are on hand, that VIPs and other guests are well taken care of and that the club stays clean. The manager is also responsible for the training of new staff members and for making sure that the club meets all health and safety code inspections. Once you have successfully managed your first bar, there are other career choices that you can pursue in the future. Fields such as food and beverage director, general manager and even nightclub owner are just a few of the better choices to choose from.
Another career choice to consider would be in the...

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