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The Jewish Concept Of Justice In The Old Testament

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The Jewish Concept of Justice in the Old Testament
This Essay will deal on how the people of the Old Testament understood justice, the codes they did follow and how they applied their law.

According to John R. Donahue, in the book “The faith that does Justice”.
Justice has no particular definition as it is central to the Old Testament. Infect the centrality stands on the relationships of human life as that of (JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS).” Wherefore making it difficult to give a definite biblical definition which is used in the legal codes to describe ordinances which regulate and control the community life (Ex.21:1-23:10) and which outlined rules on how to compensate injury done to person and property, even to other religious regulations. In general terms justice represents or ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the Old Testament Yahweh is revealed clearly as just as such those who respects and follows him will equally follow justice for the covenant York them together in bound. (2 Chr.12:6; Neh. 9:8)
The understanding and practice of justice among the people of the Old Testament is something deep rooted in their society because it serves as culture, law and way of obedience In their religion. Any one disobeying Yahweh or breaking the covenant have equally failed justice, therefore he can’t stand the society nor be seen as a righteous one. As Yahweh will rule and execute in justice. (Ps. 99:4);
The Jewish people of the Old Testament followed the code of justice and did well to apply it in their life by making sure that punishment follows any one that defies the code nor reject to follow the rule of justice, knowing well that Yahweh is King and will judge the whole world with righteousness and his power is justice. They engage in praying and fasting from time to time for asking of forgiveness’ of their transgressions.
< Justice as a discussion has many courses in the theory of Judaism, but yet is difficult to find a particular book or journal that will directly address the subject. However, the idea of Justice spread through the entire body of Judaism books and story. The best way to extract a meaning from justice is to read through the books of the bible to the rabbi books and literature as to analysed and gather facts from their statements and teaching. Therefore the key idea will be what the Bible authors meant by justice and how they people applied it in their daily life over the century. In practicality, if it did had an effect in their culture, religion and social life.

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