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The Issue Of Student Teacher Boundaries Essay

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The Issue of Teacher-Student Boundaries
Calyssa Rimkey
ED 4412 - WD
Monday, January 28th 2013

An issue of many concerning teachers and their students is the teacher-student boundaries issue. Teachers take on many different roles, sometimes conflicting with one another, but all of these roles must be accommodated within a circumscribed boundary between the teacher and the student(s) being taught.(Crook & Truscott, 2007) Teachers are ultimately responsible for managing boundary issues with their students. There are many circumstances that represent multiple relationships and boundary crossings and, while not always unethical, the primary professional ...view middle of the document...

Any of these circumstances could lead to a more serious boundary-crossing issue. In order for teachers to avoid professional misconduct, they should make decisions based on a judgement of whether the teacher-student relationship would be damaged in such a way that the student may be harmed.(Crook & Truscott, 2007) The best interests of the student should always be in mind in any circumstance.

What I have learned about student-teacher boundaries has made it more clear as to what my limitations are with students. Teachers need to know the types of ethical boundaries that arise when teaching in order to prevent themselves or their students from being harmed in any way. Teachers need to be able to mask and control their emotions, realize when to let go, and avoid cursing in front of their students. Teachers should also not reward or punish a student based on their relationship with the teacher, their popularity, or favours done by the student or teacher. Talking about highly personal subject matter with the students or engaging in conversations with students when the student is sharing information that does not benefit the student crosses ethical boundaries. Breaches in confidentiality and offering advice on personal matters should also be avoided. Spending too much time with one student can detract from time spent with other students. Not having the training to deal with certain student personal...

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