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The Iraqi War 2003: Justifiable? According To Realist, Liberal, And Marx' Ideologies

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In 2003, American troops entered Iraq; this was the beginning of what the Bush Administration called 'Operation Iraqi Freedom.' The invasion began on March 20th, and is today one of the most debatable topics of political interest. Was the war justified? The American governmental structure relies heavily on realist ideologies, which on many terms back up the war, but liberal and Marxist scholars highly criticize the war, calling it unwarranted, undemocratic, and unjust.Right after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and the White House, the USA entered Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power, but the hunt for Osama-Bin-Laden still continues. George Bush ...view middle of the document...

Realism is ''the idea that America should be guided by strategic self-interest, and that moral considerations are secondary at best,'' (Andrew J. Bacevich.) Because of this prioritizing of self interest, realism has gotten a bad reputation when it comes to moral issues, as the post cold war period reminds us of. Realists see politics as a never ending competition for power; President Bush may have been one of the most powerful men on the earth, "but he can no more change the nature of politics than he can eradicate original sin," (Andrew J. Bacevich.) Because of this, realists see world peace as something of the imagination, something that can only exist in a true utopia, and never on earth. To save the world from destruction is God's job, but the Presidents job is to avoid disasters and to limit the violence, which according to realists, man-kind is capable of and prone to.Realists honor stability, everything other that stability is chaos, there is no grey zone. Realists do not believe that globalization will lead to global harmony and peace, which may explain many of Bush's comments about the war and his actions. Realists reject claims of 'American innocence-the conviction', ''our society is so essentially virtuous that only malice could prompt criticism of our actions,' as Niebuhr stated in his book 'The Irony of American History.' He, along with other realist scholars believed that the US emerged as one of the worlds superpowers, because it prevailed in a 'bloody century-long competition', and not because of its superior virtues. Realists believe that military force should be the last resort to all problems, hence the importance of stability. Therefore they view utility as almost entirety negative, "war is death and destruction" (Andrew J. Bacevich,) and should be avoided to all cost. At the same time, realists may view war as purposeful, if for the right reason, to eliminate human violence. But all costs must be taken into account; and for that reason many realists are against Bush's war on Iraq, even if it is to spread democracy.Liberal scholars believed that the Iraqi war was both a humanitarian intervention and an important front in the 'war on terrorism,' but they generally do not like the way it was put forward by the Bush Administration. One of the leading scholars of liberalism Paul Berman states in his article Will the Opposition Lead? (New York Times), "argued that only the democrats can 'achieve what Mr. Bush seems unable to do." He reprimanded the Bush Administration for its 'disarray' and 'incoherence,' but at the same time he defended the Iraqi war saying that it was a "logical place to begin" in the war on terror, "which he characterized as a battle against totalitarianism in the Arab and Muslim world". For most liberals, it's not the war, invasion, and occupation in per say, rather than the execution.Liberals are more concerned with the interest of the individual before state. They use this as an argument against the war....

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