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The Interview As A Method Of Selection

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The author will look at selection techniques, with a particular focus on the interview and will critically evaluate it, in the context of other methods.The suitability of a candidate can be determined by a number of different selection techniques but a discussion of these techniques needs to include the terms 'suitability', 'validity' and 'reliability' before we can fully understand the relevance of each technique.Suitability is described as the nature of the job and the responsibilities attaches to it and how well they match the candidate's knowledge skills and abilities. The job and person specification can often divulge considerable information to help determine this match; there are 4 ...view middle of the document...

In fact, unstructured interviews score only a 0.3 on the aforementioned scale of predictive validity. According to the CIPD (2004), biographical interviews, that is interviews based around application forms and CV's are the preferred method of selection, scoring 66% in surveyed organisations.All too often errors and bias can enter the recruitment decision-making process and adversely affect it. For example the expectancy effect refers to the interviewer forming either a positive or negative impression of the interviewee based on the information on the CV or application form. This will often have a bearing on the outcome. Based on this initial expectation the interviewer will often seek out information in the interview that will validate their earlier decision.Stereotypes can be assigned to particular groups and can be in contradiction to existing equality legislation. The horn/halo effect is where information gathered by the interviewer can be either universally favourable or universally unfavourable for the candidate. This can overshadow any subsequent information learned in the selection process.The use of tests in the selection process can help to improve the validity and reliability of the process. They are not used in isolation however and tend to be used along with other selection methods....

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