The Internet Role In Business Essay

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The Role of Internet in Business
The Internet, also known as the World Wide Web (WWW) is a global set of documents, images, and other resources logically interrelated and inter-referenced. The internet provides many services for people such as communication, data transfer, and access to material. For example, email is a typical communication service available on the internet; it can easily be used to mail letters,pictures, documents, and other files. It is fast, safe, and reliable. The internet is widely use in business, education, and other fields. It has already changed people’s lives in immeasurable ways.
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Because of the internet marketing has many different prospects, and it has quickly become a standard for business. This is a useful tool for firms to run their business well. Many factors have affected the value of internet marketing, such as the amount of online sales, the amount users of internet, and the amount of demand for internet marketing. The online sales predict unprecedented growth. Based on my research, online sale in 2000 was about $7.8 billons in the United States, but in 2006, it grew to $108 billon. People choose shopping online because it is convenient, cheap, and fast. It is not surprising that online sale has growth so rapidly. It is due to the demand of internet marketing. For instance, the value of airline ticketing bought in the USA was about $825 million in 1998, which is almost a 300% growth from the 1996. (Clementre 1998)
While the amount of internet users also grow quickly. More and more people use computers to connect the internet. The statistics said that internet has more than 60 million users to link the network, and more than 10 million users do their shopping on the internet. For the company, the more people use the internet, the more important for company accessing to the internet marketing.
The internet is very important to firms, and is an important part of business. It follows four basic roles in business: internet as an opportunity for marketing, internet as a powerful marketing tool, internet as a good way to post advertising, and internet as a supplement to traditional marketing. In the future, the internet will become more and more useful in business; so the marketers should know how to use internet into their business.
Internet is an opportunity for marketing. It is a new field for businesses. Internet opens a new way for marketers to market their products and sell their products. The internet also gives opportunities for marketing four P’s (price, promotion, place, and price). Marketers can find customers through the internet marketing research tool easier and faster. With the internet, Marketers can move their market to internet and know how to modify their marketing planning to attract more customers. (Bishop 1998)
For businesses, the internet is a good way for providing products information and service. Marketers provide information on the internet; then customers can find their satisficed products easily. Many famous companies have their online store; it is easy, fast and convenient for their customers. For example, Dell is the largest computer company in United States. The company has its online store for customers. It provides all kind of dell’s products, price, product performance, and instant customer services online. When I search a computer from Dell’s online store, I could find the most suitable product for me, if I have any question about my computer; the instant customer services will answer my question and give me some useful information. I believe that both...

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