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The Internet Essay

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The Internet… economic and environmental impact of

In short, in this section of the research paper/project, I will be discussing the economic and environmental impact that the internet has had as a whole. Inarguably, economical aspects speak for themselves. No one can say there has been a negative impact from what I have researched thus far. On the other hand, several environmentalists will argue that there have been some negative impacts due to the internet since its premier. I will discuss any and all types of both negative and positive environmental impacts the internet has since spawned as well as an overview of the economy and the internet.

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You may not care about it in your den, but multiply your den by three million, and I guarantee you, there's a lot to care about. Whether you're in rural Minnesota, or rural India.
This is exactly why Nemein is involved in making the web infrastructure for Energy Saving Projects, Motiva and Green Net Finland. These organizations are doing important work in promoting energy efficiency and building a more environment-friendly industry.
I know at the moment our organization has a quite heavy ecological footprint and I wonder if we should pursue a Green Office Certification to become more aware of it.

Environmental Activism and the Internet

Laurie A. Kutner
University of Vermont, USA
This paper examines the impact and potential of Internet-based technologies in the performance of important information and communication functions of grassroots environmental organizations. Anecdotally, it is clear that Internet-based technologies have enabled grassroots, locally-based environmental organizations to expand their abilities to access, use, create and disseminate information, and have served to empower marginalized segments of the population. However, there has not been any focused, empirical research to date to support these assertions. The current state of grassroots environmentalism and uses of the Internet by grassroots environmental organizations are reviewed and frameworks for further understanding the transformational impact of the Internet for grassroots activist organizations are presented. This paper ultimately serves as a call for systematic, empirical research to further understand the role of the Internet in the information functions of the grassroots-based environmental justice movement.
Environmental activist groups are successfully using the Internet and electronic communication technologies as mechanisms through which to access, use, create, and disseminate information. Internet-based technologies are impacting the information functions of grassroots activist movements as groups develop voices that expand their traditional social, political, and geographic boundaries. The intent of this paper is to examine the Internet as a communication and information dissemination tool for grassroots environmental activists, and to provide a review of the related literature, raise questions and issues for further study, and discuss frameworks for analysis of the Internet as an important tool through which grassroots environmental activists work toward social change. Although this discussion focuses on use of the Internet by grassroots environmental organizations, the points raised here apply to all grassroots movements for social change.
Citizen movements and information:
Historically, citizen movements have been formed as responses to the perceived lack of accountability by existing power structures in dealing with specific issues that the citizenry deems important. In...

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