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The Integration Of Social Media In Marketing Campaigns

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The Integration of Social Media in Marketing Campaigns

A Research Paper Presented to Ms. Maria Luisa Velasco

In partial Fulfillments For the Course ENGLRES Term 1, SY 2014-2015

Karla June Marie Y. Ocampo Maria Kristine Louly DR. Pastor


Thesis Statement: Although social media poses some limitations, it still benefits entrepreneurs and start-up businesses because it serves as a virtual marketplace, a platform of communication and a social influence in effectively gaining customers and building lasting relationships.

I. II.

Introduction: Digital Marketing and the 21st Century Social Media as a Virtual Marketplace a. Accessibility to both businesses and customers b. ...view middle of the document...

In the 21st century, with just one tweet, the people already knew the breaking news of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 being shot down in Ukraine. That single post will reach a thousand retweets, and in just a minute the whole world already knew the shocking accident. Furthermore, people can also access real time news and updates with one hashtag. See how the information can be disseminated through the power of smartphones (apps), internet (Wi-Fi), and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Everyone now relies on fast and reliable information – everything instant, everything online. With the growing market of internet and technology, there is a need for businesses to expand and to keep in pace with the increasing demands of the fast developing world as consumers easily adapt to the latest trend as soon as it hits the market. For instance, we never knew we needed a tablet until Apple introduced the iPad. That is to say, businesses need to take advantage of the technology and social media for them to introduce a need and to gain a bigger market by reaching more people online. With this strategy, businesses expect to gain customers as fast as information is disseminated in social media. There are three roles of social media that will be discussed in this research paper as it is integrated to business. The three roles will be the key of businesses to gain customers and build lasting relationships online. When these roles are fulfilled and the consumer expectations are


met, it will benefit the entrepreneurs as well as the consumers in terms of accessibility, convenience, opportunities and latest trends. Research Problem Taken into context, the integration of social media in marketing campaigns may be well attributed to the success and prosperity of a business. This paper seeks to prove that although social media poses some limitations, it still benefits entrepreneurs and startup businesses because it serves as a virtual marketplace, a platform of communication, and a social influence in effectively gaining customers and building lasting relationships online. Purpose This research aims to present the roles of social media in marketing campaigns. How do businesses effectively and efficiently advertise their products or services? How do they attract, influence, and manage their customers? These are just some of the questions asked by people interested in putting up a new business or by entrepreneurs that have not yet integrated this specific digital marketing technique in their field. Many have been into social media for different purposes and many have been wanting to maximize its features. Through this paper, the researchers intend to show how it works and what its beneficial effects are. Significance of the Study This research paper will provide readers the knowledge of marketing campaign strategies of entrepreneurs as well as the startup businesses in expanding their target market through social media sites. They will also learn new...

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