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The Institution Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage means the institution in which a man and a woman become legally united on a permanent basis. This is the lexical meaning of one of the most important institutions of our time. Nowadays this institution is under a certain threat which is called ‘’unisex marriage’’. There are a lot of debates about this threat. People discuss if unisex marriage helps or hurts the sacred institution of marriage. Most of the people think that unisex marriage hurts the sacred institution of marriage. There are various reasons that lead people to think this way.

To begin with, the institution of marriage is the most important element in providing the continuity of the society. With the ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, marriage is not just a set of mutual benefits or an artifact of law. It’s a normative institution. The mothers and the fathers involuntarily protect the institution of marriage while they safely raise their children with love. The children who have grown up with loving fathers and mothers, respect the institution of marriage so they also want a family of their own. But we can not expect respect to the institution of marriage in a society in which gay marriages are reacted positively. We can say that the gay marriages are fake marriages. Because in gay marriages, the main purpose of the couples is to formalize their sexual based relationships and to avoid the adverse opinions of the society. I think these fake marriages can cause the institution of marriage to lose its reputation and sanctity.

The third thing is that gay marrriages also hurt the institution of marriage in religious ways. Many religious lawyers of traditional marriage claim that to call homosexual relationships "marriages" is a mistake, because marriage should involve the uniting of two members of the...

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