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The Influences Of English On Chinese

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The Influences of English on Chinese

We drink kekoukele. we surf the yintewang. We wear Txushan. We watch DVD. Unconsciously, the Chinese we speak today is not that authentic and orthodox anymore. Everywhere in our life, we can see the vague shadow of English. As the air permeates every corner of the space, English permeates our language, our culture and our mind silently.
After doing some extensive research, today I want to show you the influences of English on Chinese from 2 aspects: lexical and syntactic influence and then I will discuss the contributing factors of this linguistic phenomenon.

1.Lexical influence of English on Chinese

On the heels of the economic reform and opening up to the West, more and more fresh words are pouring into Chinese. Vocabulary are expanding owing to its internal forces and borrowing. There are 3 forms of loan words that we frequently use: semantic loans, phonetic loans and English letters.
Semantic loans ...view middle of the document...

This kind of loan words always make us feel stressful because we couldn’t find their counterpart in our mother tongue. These words include Xguang (X-ray), Txushan(T-shirt), U pan(USB)and GPA.

2.Syntactic influence of English on Chinese

English has not only contributed a considerable number of words to Chinese vocabulary, but also triggered particular language-internal changes ,like the structure and essence even the way of thinking.
There are also 2 kinds of influences: shifts in word categories and the use of conjunctions and prepositions.
Shifts in word categories means changing the part of speech of some words, like noun to verb and verb to adjective. Let’s focus on some examples.
Yule dazhong means entertain the public. Yule itself in Chinese is a noun refer to entertainment. However both entertainment and entertain correspond to the word yule, so this word is endowed with the meaning of the verb.
In English, connections are ordinarily made explicit by conjunctions, prepositions and other forms. But in Chinese, we omit such links.
Here we pay special attention on one word bei
Bei correspond to the passive sentence structure. Under the influence of English, the past few years have witnessed an increase in frequency and range in using the passive construction with bei.
Why we import vocabulary and grammar from English passively?
The first contributing factor is the advanced technology in the west. From the field of biochemistry to IT, western contribute most of the new findings. As the receiver of knowledge , we can only translating rather than creating.
The second reason is that English is accepted as globlish. Owing to the great power in financial and economic world, English is in the dominating position when we trade internationally.
Another factor is our own value, some young people may think it’s fashionable to speak English instead of Chinese. It’s a symbol of status if you could utter some English words which is a tragedy of our rich culture.
For the purpose of maintaing the identity of our language, rejecting the changes is meaningless and powerless. Instead, we should enhance the comprehensive national power especially the soft power. Only when we are stronger inside, will our language be more pure and our culture be more flourishing.

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