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The Influence Of The Witches' Prophecies

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In William Shakespeare's "Macbeth", the prophecies that is set forth from the witches to Macbeth and Banquo, influences not precisely but theoretically, likely to affect on a person. The foretelling from the supernatural leads to a positive and a negative impact to anyone.In the beginning of the play, the first three prophecies that are told to Macbeth by the witches are impressionable. The predictions from the witches are that Macbeth will become the Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor and lastly but not least he will become the King of Scotland. If these prophecies would apply to me, I would be greedy as Macbeth after the first two foretell comes true. After the second prophecy, it would make me amazed with the predictions so far. I would imagine the possibility of the other predictions to come true ...view middle of the document...

The divinations for the Banquo are that he will be one who is lesser than Macbeth and yet greater, less fortunate and yet more fortunate and finally he will not be king himself, but father of a line of kings. In these circumstances, I would not really pay attention to those prophecies because nothing becomes true yet. The prophecies have not shown any actuality, so it is waste of listening and believing to the super naturals. Without seeing anything true from prediction, I would not affirm them. So, I would have the same attitude like Banquo, which is of no significance to the presage.Lastly, the prophecies that Macbeth received from the witches, were actually made opposite for him to make him confuse and presumptuous. It was a false play from Hecate, the queen of witches, to destroy Macbeth by affecting him from the delusive prophecies. The prevision that were told by witches to Macbeth were that he has to beware of Macduff. He cannot be killed by any born of women and that he will be defeated only when the trees of Birnam Wood move towards his castle. In this situation, I would defiantly take an action against Macduff because he is an obstacle on my way. The other two prophecies does not impel on me because I know that it would not happen for a long time and it is barely impossible to happen. The last two predictions will make me over confident which would lead me to take a wrong step and I might ended up with disaster. However, I will give importance to the first prophecy because Macduff can become my enemy and can hurt me. So, I would only pay attention to the first prophecy but not the other two predictions due to more confident over myself.In conclusion, the prophecies of the super naturals had both definite and indefinite reflection on me analytically. Some predictions made me to follow them and some gave me no significance at all which leaves to believing the accomplished prophecies.

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