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The Influence Of Testing Potential Employees

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One of the most important decisions that an organization can make is the hiring of prospective employees. It is illogical for an organization to employ an individual that cannot perform their assigned duty. Why would any organization spend large sum of money in training an individual that will not be beneficial to their organization. Therefore, it is reasonable for organizations to filter out the undesirable applicants. According to Dessler (2011) once an organization have a group of applicants, their next stage is to decide on the best person for the job. Normally this means reducing the applicant pool via screening methods such as tests, background checks, and interviews.
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However, interviews are thought to be a flawed screening method because it can be manipulated by the interviewee or the interviewer. This is why companies need methods that will provide an accurate solution to the question of employable of an applicant. In order to select the best person for their organization, many companies are conducting various tests to select the best candidate for the position.
According to David Johnson & Brian Kleiner (2000) “behavioral” and “personality tests” can be utilized to acquire a better perception of how an employee thinks and responds in various circumstances. These type tests can be utilized in pre-employment screening as well as for existing employees as a mean to place them in position more suitable for the organization.

“Personality tests” endeavor to evaluate the applicants’ skills in various circumstances and environments. These test attempts to persuade the individual to define themselves, and how they believe others perceive them ( Johnson & Kleiner, 2000). As for “Behavioral testing” it attempts to comprehend how an applicant will react in certain situations ( Johnson & Kleiner, 2000). It is believed that “personality tests” assist employers in determining whether specific applicant should be hired or not. Therefore, it is expected that employers would utilize these test to enhance the probabilities of hiring high-quality applicants. For example, this author took certain tests to determine the most suitable job in the Navy.
As a legal matter employer should develop their test in a manner that will not be discriminatory to anyone. Moreover, employer have to be cognizance that there are diverse tests accessible to gauge an extensive selection of candidate characteristics such as, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, behavior and hobbies, and accomplishment. It is up to the organization to ensure that they are administering the most accurate test to obtain the results they are pursuing. Organization that test potential employee can prevent losing money by avoiding high employee turnover. Additionally, businesses that utilize these tests state they have seen positive and precise results. There have been some prominent companies that have utilized various form of personality testing such as, Walmart, Universal Studios, Albertson's, Neiman Marcus, Target, and General Motors (Caruth & Caruth, 2009).
However, as stated by David Arthur, David Woehr, & William Graziano (2001) personality test for personnel selection purposes may have several possibly challenging issues such as the “suitability of linear selection models”, the difficulty of “personality-related self-selection effects”,” the multi-dimensionality of personality”, “bias associated with social desirability”, “impression management”, and “faking in top-down selection models”; and the “legal implications of personality” evaluation in employment contexts”( Arthur, Woehr, & Graziano, 2001). There will...

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