The Influence Of Religion In "Jamilya"

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Imperceptible at First, but Tremendous Indeed
Is there any connection between religion and “Jamilya”? How religion was possible during the USSR time, the time of atheism? How it influenced the characters of “Jamilya”? To answer these not easy questions it is necessary to think of period of time and place where the story goes, religion as to a whole kyrgyz nomadic folk, religion as a part of traditions.
First of all, let’s think of time period when the story of Seit takes place. It was the third year of
the War, collectivization had already arrived, to be short, it was the time of USSR. Everyone is aware of the attitude of USSR rulers’ to religion of any type. Only atheism was pleased ...view middle of the document...

We can see even if it was prohibited and people were supposed to be atheists, still they prayed. Or another example, the name of Allah is not rarely used in the story. The elder mother referred to Him as “Almight God” (4) who knows everything as where her jigits are; she also said to Jamilya: “Praise Allah, my daughter, that you came into a strong, blessed household” (6); Sadyk “wrote, that, God willing, he would return home on the fall” (10) ; Seit whispered “Praise Allah!” (28), as he touched pencil to paper, as if he was asking for blessing of his start, the father and kichinay apa “wished for Jamilya to be true to her husband and to God” (5). Being short, there was the influence of religion, as all these people were religious, were Muslims, were believers, even if they were prohibited or, which is more absurd, even if they did not know it, as they really considered themselves as atheists.
The second one is indirect influence. This influence is much more stronger, because this influenced not only some individuals but all the nomadic folk, as it influenced their traditions, their believes, their whole mentality. The religion is inseparable part of traditions, of life of Kyrgyz people of those years. Moreover, they are so tightly connected that it is almost impossible to distinguish whether the religion influenced customs or customs had already been close to it. There are a lot of different situations, customs, which are supported with religion. For example, the places and duties of members of family in “Jamilya”. Seit as the jigit was “the protector and bread-winner” (3), while his mother and little sister remained at home, and also the mother was “the...

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