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The Influence Of Foreign Cultures On North America Pre European Discovery

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Walk like an EgyptianAmerican history is full of many events and ideas which helped shape the modern day United States. The United States is a country with a value system and culture which will forever have its own set of unique characteristics. Where did this uniqueness stem from? Few would argue that this land we call the United States arose out of a melting pot of cultures and ideas from around the globe which came to this "New World" to avoid persecution, seek riches, achieve religious purity, and a variety of other reasons. The influence of foreign ideas is evident all around us. But, the Egyptian influence on America proves that the United States was being shaped into what it is today ...view middle of the document...

" The climate of this area during this period of history provides further insight into how Egyptian influences and allusions made their way into America.According to the Southern Illinois Council Web Site, the Mississippi River would flood this region like the Nile in Egypt during the period from 700 to 1500 A.D. It created a fertile farming area that is believed to be almost identical to that found in Egypt. Despite this, it was not until hundreds of years later that naming references to the Egyptian influence in the region became evident in the region's history. Adams said that Goshen, an area near Edwardsville is Southern Illinois, became the first area to give bona fide allusions to Egyptian culture.John W. Allen, a Southern Illinois Historian, referred to this Goshen-Edwardsville connection in his book, It Happened in Southern Illinois. In 1799, a pastor was sent out to find a promising location for his church's new settlement. Upon his return, he was excited to report to his congregation that he had found the ideal location, "a fertile land and free from plague". This exact phrase is from the biblical description of the land of Goshen, where the Israelites dwelt in ancient Egypt many years ago. Needless to say, the city was later named Goshen in accordance with the pastor's findings. As Adams and other historians explained, "People used to name towns using particular themes. As a result there are a lot of names of Egyptian Cities in this [Southern Illinois] area". For example, the cities of Memphis and Thebes also allude to Egyptian civilizations from the distant past. Despite the pattern of naming cities according to a theme, there is other history supporting how the cities of this region were named after Egyptian civilization.A.D. Duff, a Professor of Law with the first faculty of Southern Illinois Normal University said that the winter of 1831 fostered the conditions leading to the use of the term "Egypt". The winter was the longest and most severe experienced in the Northern Illinois region to date. The preceding summer was cooler than usual and the winter frosts came earlier than expected in September. Winter frosts continued well into the month of May. The late spring wreaked havoc on the corn harvests in the region. Farmers in the area were forced to seek corn for livestock and planting in the counties located in Southern Illinois. Duff lived near a road in Bond County at the time. He saw many wagons going south to find corn and returning north with it and he stopped some of the wagons, asking the northern farmers about their travels. Many farmers who read the bible said the, "like the sons of Jacob, were going down to Egypt for corn." Once again, the experiences of the people living in this area were being...

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