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The Influence Of Culture On Business In India And The Middle East

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The Influence of Culture on Business in India and the Middle East

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The paper presents an overview and analysis of impact of culture on doing business in India and the Middle East. The topics addressed include (a) background, (b) cultural characteristics of India and the Middle East and a (c) conclusion.

The Influence of Culture on Business in India and the Middle East
The paper presents an overview and analysis of impact of culture on doing business in India and the Middle East. The topics addressed include (a) background, (b) cultural characteristics of India and the Middle East and a (c) conclusion.
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For successful business transactions to occur, one must develop a personal relationship and awareness of the preferred business practices specific to your location. In India guests are treated with utmost respect and courtesy and are expected to enjoy the Indian hospitality. Culturally and as a sign of politeness, Indians have difficulty in saying no which could be a stumbling block in negotiations and in closing contracts.
Analysis of Middle Eastern Culture

Islam is at the core of all business relationships in the Middle East. The belief is that human destiny is in the hands of Allah, that all actions are predetermined, and individual choices have little impact (Schuster & Copeland, 2006). According to Hofestede’s work (as cited in Hammoud, 2011), Arab culture is strongly collectivist where people are born into extended families or clans which protect them in exchange for loyalty and where harmony should always be maintained. When hospitality is offered to guests, they are expected to participate.
Consultative authority is the model used for decision making which uses a top down hierarchal approach, with male leaders at the top, who retain relatively unquestionable authority (Hammoud, 2011). This authoritarian leadership develops strict rules, laws and regulations to reinforce its authority and control. This creates a caste system that hinders upward mobility of citizens and consequently, people are resistant to change, and when the latter occurs, it results from armed struggle rather than democratic processes (Hammoud, 2011). Westerners must learn the formalities in this region to ensure they do not offend their host during negotiations.

India and Middle Eastern countries share cultural similarities, with more emphasis placed on relationships versus timely task completion. An understanding of culture and business etiquette in these regions demonstrates a respect for their culture and will...

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