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The Influence Of Advertising On Society And The Power Of Effective Commercial

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Today advertising is the most influential way to catch a person's attention. Usually all business entities use ads to attract their consumers. An interesting question appears about how the short and simple introspective effects used in commercials make us fall prey to outright persuasion. It seems to me that advertising has been riddled with a lot of mystery and contradictions. There are various techniques that ads use which make a person feel that he or she needs a particular product. Each commercial maker uses very unique strategies designed to attract the attention of a specific social group(s). When ad companies are creating a commercial they always are concerned about all of the ...view middle of the document...

Despite, if the ad is repeated constantly and not challenged, our minds seem to regard this as a prima facie evidence that it is true. For instance, the "Orbit" chewing gum company tries to make people believe that their product really defends the teeth against decay and it whitens them as well. On the other hand we have "Dirol" chewing gum company which basically makes the same claims but uses a different colo scheme in the ads so the viewer knows it's a change in product. So depending on which of these two ads a person sees more often when he goes to the market for another reason he usually buys it. Registering an advertisement claim in our minds doesn't necessarily mean that we believe it, although it makes us aware that there are claimed differences between brands. Much of the advertisement creates only marginal differences, but small differences can build into larger differences. At the same time, consumers have opportunities to evaluate the product or services promoted by a company and make a decision based on which of the companies presents its product better. Thus, it comes down to focusing on image in advertisement which seems like very important part of an influential and effective commercial.According to Max Sutherland, the author of the book "Advertisement and the mind of the customer", the image of ads aims not to show the brand itself but who the user of image likes, who shows the product, in what situation, and where it takes place. Different images are used depending on specific targeting to the consumer group. As it was maintained before, advertisers are also concerned about social groups in terms of diversity and demographics such as age, gender, culture, and religion, etc. Demographics determine which images advertisers use to make their claims. For all the times, one of the most powerful commercials are the ones that use sex images in their promotions Experts say that this imaginary audience consists of more then half of the society without not a big matter of age, usually starting from twelve years, and gender as well ("Erotic History of Advertisement" by Tom Reichert). Even if the buyer can still tilt the balance in favor of one brand those insignificant effects constitute much of the impact of advertisement. For instance, there is Victoria Secret Company produces women's apparel. The ads makers use sex images with glamorous supermodels whose beauty catches attention of potential customers. Both man and woman, watching the commercial would assume that: "If I will have this, I will be as hot as she (woman)", or "If my girlfriend will have this she will be as hot as she" so there is only difference of point buying that stuff but there are no differences of buying VC's products. Additionally, the right image in advertisement makes it very effective and also gives person an alternative because frequently he or she has a favorable product or service. Nevertheless, the good imaged commercial can't work without evaluation and...

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