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The Influence If Dietary Dried Spinosum Seaweed Supplementation On Live Performance And Carcass Yield Of Broiler Chickens

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THE PROBLEM: Rationale and Background

Background of the Study
Chickens play an important role in science, recreation, conservation, and agriculture. They are economically significant because of their value as research models, as pets and hobby animals and, of course, for their important role in food production.
Chickens are very delicate and need special care in order to survive, grow, and become productive adults. Thinking about what chicks need before they arrive will help ensure a healthy flock of chickens. Chicks need a clean environment that protect them from drafts and keep them at the proper temperature. Their environment must provide them with constant access to food ...view middle of the document...

ed., Eastland Press, Seattle, WA.). Locally, Euchema denticulatum is called “Guso” and can be easily found in the coastline areas of the Philippines.
Statement of the Problem
The study aimed to determine whether dietary dried Spinosum
seaweed supplementation could increase the growth rate and carcass
yield of broiler chickens.
Specifically, it attempted to answer the following questions:
1. Was there a significant difference on the growth rate in grams of
broiler chickens between the broiler ration with dietary dry milled Spinosum seaweed supplementation and the plain broiler ration?
2. Was there a significant difference on the carcass yield between broiler chickens treated with broiler ration with dietary dry milled Spinosum seaweed supplementation and the plain broiler ration?
Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework
Live Performance
* Body weight
* Feed : gain ratio

Carcass Yield

* Plain commercial broiler feeds plus 100.0 g per kg dried Spinosum seaweeds

* Plain commercial broiler feeds

Figure 1.1. Paradigm of the Independent Variables and Dependent Variables

The following assumptions served as the bases of this study:
1. The broiler chickens used as subjects were apparently healthy.
2. Fourteen (14) broiler chicks were exposed to the same environmental conditions.
3. The preparation method of the Spinosum seaweeds used was enough to cause an effect.

Based on the prior research problem, the following hypotheses were put forward:
1. There was no significant difference on the live performance in grams between broilers treated with broiler feed ration with dietary dried Spinosum seaweed supplementation and the plain broiler ration.
2. There was no significant difference on the carcass yield between broilers treated with broiler ration with dietary dried Spinosum seaweed supplementation and the plain broiler ration.

Significance of the Study
As one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, there
are more chickens in the world than any other species of birds. Humans
keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their
meat and their eggs. Because of its relatively low cost, chickens are
one of the most used meats in the world (Berri).
However, studies show that there are more calories in the fodder used to provide meat than in the meat itself.
Through this study of evaluating the live performance and carcass
yield on broiler chickens fed with dietary dried Spinosum seaweed
supplementation as an alternative feed, people will be surely ensured
of the efficacy of the alternative feed.
Moreover, people will be able to save money through using
available resources that is cheap, though at least the same or better
quality of commercial feeds.

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