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The Influence And Innovation Of Ernest Hemingway

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The difficulty of life and the human condition is often a theme that surfaces in the works of Ernest Hemingway and while his subject matter is worthy of discussion, it is perhaps his style that has brought him the most popularity. His sparse style and direct approach make him stand out as one of the most celebrated authors of the Twentieth century and his approach to writing is concise and so compelling that it has influenced literature in all genres. Hemingway's style brings life to many of his characters, while at the same time capturing the mood and sentiments of the times. The usage of repetition and ambiguous words in the work of Ernest Hemingway is a well-known characteristic of his ...view middle of the document...

Almost everything in the short story is related to the idea of barrenness. These main symbolisms are from the title "Hills like White Elephants” where the hills allude to the shape of a pregnant woman and white elephants is an idiom that refers to useless or unwanted gift. It is not a story in the traditional sense with an introduction, a development of the story, and an end, but just gives some time in the life of two people, as if it were just a piece of a film. This story gives little to the reader, only allowing one to see the surface of what is transpiring. Gerard further observed that “People in Hemingway’s stories talk elliptically, leaving out most of what’s on their minds. The crucial truths lie between the lines” (Gerard, 8-9). “Hills like White Elephants” shows precisely what Gerard was referring to. Hemingway repeats words such as “and” seemingly without priority but. The language of the story is what illustrates how fiercely the couple’s struggle rages beneath their seemingly innocuous and deceptively content-less words Through Hemingway’s use of repetition and role, the elusiveness of his pronouns actually increase the stakes of the argument taking place because their ambiguity can encompass virtually everything or nothing at all. Also, he puts serious thought into how he references his character Jig as “the girl.” According to author Nadine Devost, Hemingway reveals the nature of his character’s lives and relationships in various ways in all his stories and one of the most subtle and consistent means by which he does this is by naming and renaming his characters, specifically the females who are often central to the stories. He frequently used the noun “girl” to refer to a female character whose sexual identity is not acknowledged by another character. Thus, Hemingway becomes a word by word writer. Every word no matter how ordinary it may seem carries new poetic importance. The importance of “a wife” suddenly being referred to as “a girl” is so subtle but so meaningful (Devost, 7-8). Devost further proves this point by examining a few of Hemingway’s drafts where he commented and edited these phrases or nouns several times very meticulously (Devost, 3). An additional manifestation of this technique is in Hemingway’s female character in "Cat in the Rain," a story chronicling a woman’s realization of her loneliness within her marriage and her discovery and expression of its causes. At the beginning of the story, the woman is referred to as "the American wife," to emphasize that she is married. The moment she finds her cat has gone missing she is referred to as "the American girl", indicating that through this loss she has suffered a decline in self as well. Still, never once are we given her name as clearly this woman has no mature sexual identity of her own. What she does have is associated to her husband’s. This...

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