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In the industry of being an athletic trainer it requires very laborious work. The work can be stressful and extremely time consuming. In the business of athletic trainers you must be able to show athletes how to prevent injuries from occurring through stretching and exercise. Athletic trainers also treat injuries and refer injured athletes to doctors if needed; they also work athletes out to maintain physical fitness. There are many courses you can take in high school to better prepare yourself to become an athletic trainer, courses such as health, biology, psychology, and human anatomy. These courses better your chances in at acquiring a career as an athletic trainer.
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The team coaches and the athletic trainer work together to develop programs that will help the athletes meet the greatest level of physical condition. When players are in the best shape possible then they are less suspect to major injuries that might happen. Athletic trainers also work with the equipment manager to make sure the playing and training areas are in working order. When working with the equipment manager their main priority is to make sure that the conditions of the playing and practice fields meet the changes of local, state, and federal standards for safety.
The athletic trainer also works with the equipment manager to request equipment she may need to do his/her job such as braces, bandages, antiseptic, or cold packs. They are also responsible for recommending types of supplies they need and making sure they are available. The trainer is also to work with the team physician to make a rehabilitation program for an injured athlete. The trainer is also responsible for a program that will help the injured player heal properly and maintain strength. The athletic trainer is also responsible for keeping records of each athlete’s progress while rehabbing. The records must show when an athlete was injured, what the injury was and the progress the athlete makes.
Athletic trainers work in the indoors and outdoors. They work in Athletic training rooms, gyms, playing fields, aquatic areas, track fields, sports medicine clinics, classrooms, fitness rooms, and health clubs. They must also be in the dugout or on the sidelines while the team is playing. They may also work in hot, cold, or rainy weather. The job also consists of working nights and weekends along with traveling with the team. Athletic trainers also work with a variety of athletes so they must be able to get along with many different types of people. They should be able to recognize an injured player when they see one. Another condition is that the trainer must also enjoy sports so they feel good about helping athletes perform better.
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