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The Importance Of Rehabilitation From Sports Injury

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Injury to any person’s body results in a distressing interruption in life. Fortunately, because most peoples’ careers or errands do not require much use of the body, injured non-athletes can continue on with these activities before full recovery, depending on the seriousness of the damage done. When injury befalls on a sportsperson, the disruption experienced is amplified, as the person needs to fully recover both physically and mentally before participating again. Injury to any given athlete will cause many diverse effects psychologically, and the way the athlete views the injury is a significant determining factor in his or her ability to come back in full force. Unfortunately, the rate ...view middle of the document...

Talking to the therapist or trainer can assist the patient in understanding more about the various forms of pain. By learning the significance and differences between each type of discomfort, feelings of anxiety can be reduced as the athlete will know how to handle the soreness and what it is instigated from. The more that the patient learns, the more that the feelings of confidence can grow, as the athlete will not be scared and bewildered about the variety of bodily sensations occurring throughout the healing process (Taylor & Taylor, 1998).
The psychology of the athlete and the way in which he or she copes with being injured has a large effect on the rate of recovery. The quantity of perceived hope that the athlete has in returning back to normal scripts that person’s road to recovery. When the athlete has negative hope, stress increases, taking a toll on the body as full recovery seems impossible. Unfortunately, this mindset causes more difficulties in athletes returning to performance levels that existed pre-injury, the exact worry that usually causes negative thinking. Mood disturbances, social disconnection, fear of being replaced and being excluded from athletic activities are some of the factors that contribute to a negative mindset. When the athlete has positive hope, steps for rehabilitation are meticulously followed by the patient, as recovery is an accomplishment viewed as feasible. Athletes with good self-esteem tend to have more positive outlooks on recovery, speeding up the process. The anticipation of full recovery contributes to mood disturbances, as the athlete may experience ambivalent emotions of exhilaration and trepidation. Although resuming sports play is an exciting occasion to look forward to, the fear of being in a circumstance that caused the athlete to suffer in the first place can bring about feelings of uneasiness. A lot of the stress that develops when athletes reflect on returning to competition is the worry that they may not be able to perform as well as they had before (Podlog & Eklund, 2007).
Lynch (1988) explains the utility of the mind in assisting the body in recuperating back to health. Injury generates many psychological reactions in athletes, some of which may amplify the amount of perceived pain. Many people fail to notice the influence that the mind has on the body when dealing with recovery, and do not realize that the two must function together as a unit to quicken the process. Because the mind is responsible for producing stress, and because stress obstructs typical bodily functions, potential physical damage may occur to the athlete if the mind is not rehabilitated. Perceiving forthcoming events after recovery as potential circumstances for disaster may cause many emotional reactions which in turn can hamper performance. These worries cause the body to be much more exposed to injury and hinder the recovery process even more. Lynch (1988) also explains how having an understanding of the...

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