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The Importance Of Human Resources Essay

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The Importance of Human Resources
Charlton Medina
Ashford University
BUS 303: Human Resources Management
Instructor: Ronald Jones
October 7, 2013

The Importance of Human Resources
Every leaders and managers, especially the owners of an organization, can attest that people are the most valuable resource obtainable. An organization cannot survive without people who run it. But dealing with people is the most complex area in the organization. That’s why it is vital to have a group of people who manages human resources. These groups of people are part of what we call today as Human Resources Management. The fact that it is important to have human resources in any organization, it is ...view middle of the document...

EEO and Affirmative Action

Human Resource Management deals with several laws and regulations; making sure that the organization they are part of are clear to any legislative violations. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is one of the laws and regulations that greatly impacted HRM’s decisions concerning human resources. The decisions that are involved in EEO affirmative action are: carefully reviewing recruitment and hiring process, layoffs, promotions, performance appraisals, and job placement; making sure discrimination is out of the picture.
Human Resources Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
Another HRM function includes human resource planning, recruitment, and selection. The strategic Human Resource (HR) planning process includes environmental scanning, labor market analysis and forecasting, internal analysis and forecasting, gap analysis, developing HR plans and strategies, and HR strategy implementation and assessment (Youssef, 2012, section 2.2). Although all planning process is important, environmental scanning and gap analysis covers it all. It is important for the HRM department to successfully complete the overall manning document inventory. With the data collected, they can then analyze for any gaps (i.e. training, human resource shortage, shifts, etc.).

When it comes to recruitment, HRM is extremely involved in this process. They are in charge of advertising and head hunting. It is vital to find the right candidate and this process takes a long time to accomplish. HRM are typically expected to know who to contact or know employment agencies, dates for job fares, involved in Colleges and Universities, comply with the rules and regulations, and much more. HRM formulates application and streamline the process so that their organization becomes appealing to people recruitment becomes an easy process.

HR planning is the process of managing an organization's most valuable asset—its people—so that there are no shortages or surpluses of employees in the organization (Youssef, 2012, section 2.2). HR planning is an effort to get into written form the key areas involving the management of human resources, which are important to the strategy of a business. For example, a small company especially the ones that are just starting require HR planning in recruiting or hiring. For bigger company, HR planning now involves organizational culture (i.e. morale and performance management) and labor cost containment. The most important key element in HR planning I believe is organizational culture where planning involves establishing policies about pay, who gets promoted, who gets hired, cultural diversities, rewards and benefits, compensation, etc. that are critical to forming the culture. In addition, maintaining this type of culture and to keep it going is also part of this planning.

In the U.S. Air Force, there are HRO in every squadron. One base consists of layers of organization; one HRO wing level, multiple group level, and...

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