The Importance Of Goal Setting In Management

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The Importance of Goal Setting in Management

The Importance of Goal Setting in Management
It is a commonly known fact that goals are an important part of a productive and healthy life. We make personal goals: to do well in school, to make the varsity baseball team, to lose ten pounds, or to get a promotion at work—and we aim to accomplish them. These goals act as a means to an end. Goals are the pieces to our vision for our life. Just as goals are important for individuals, it is also a vital aspect of a successful business. Goals are the stepping-stones toward the vision of a business. Managers use goals as a way to accomplish what the vision is for their business or ...view middle of the document...

301). A manager should realize the importance of goals and the impact they have on the performance of employees. If a manager did not set goals for his employees, there would not be a direction or motivation for them. Many employees will not set goals for themselves, or they will not necessarily be in line with the ultimate vision of the company. The manager’s role in setting goals is an important way in which to give the right framework for the employee. How would an employee know what to aim for or work toward if there was no goal to accomplish or vision to guide him? Additionally, employees like to know that they are working toward something. Not many would be motivated to work if there was no goal or aim to their work. Firefighters have a goal to put out fires, teachers have a goal to teach students, and financial advisors have a goal to make their clients money. As stated in Leading to Leadership, “people want a strong vision of where they are going. No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end company going nowhere” (Clark, 2014).
Goals as a Measurement Tool
In the same way that goals are an important tool for motivating employees, they are also an important aspect of determining the progress toward the organization’s vision (Clark, 2014). Goals measure the organization’s progress, performance, and abilities to maintain growth and accomplish their vision. If there were no set and defined goals,...

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