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The Importance Of Education Essay

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Phylicia Dacanay
English 1A
We’ve all heard the term “Knowledge is power,” as it applies to all aspects of life. Having a good education isn’t valid without a good staff of educators, a positive school environment, and a population of young minds having the willingness to learn. I remember as a child, school was actually enjoyable to attend. I had close friends and my teachers were very informative and had a willingness to help their students grow as learners. Nowadays, schools have become more one-sided. They judge students on standardized tests and grades, which puts more pressure on the student. Schools in the United States should be teaching children not only the state standards, but ...view middle of the document...

It was to the point where I didn’t want to attend the class anymore. I passed with a C in that class, but I knew I deserved a higher grade because the teacher wasn’t completely knowledgeable on the subject he was supposedly teaching. This also goes for standardized tests as well. I never knew the true reason why students had to take these tests. Not all students are good at taking tests, and some are not great on the materials that are covered on them. I mean even if a student doesn’t score a high enough grade to get into a prestigious college or what not doesn’t mean they are un-intelligent. A student can write a great English essay but do poorly on tests. I think standardized tests are useless because honestly they don’t show a student’s full potential. These tests just put more pressure on students who study countless hours for a test that I think doesn’t matter.
Schools should be learning outside the classroom. We’ve all seen the typical classroom, rows of desks and chairs, a blackboard w/ chalk and educational posters. In my opinion, classrooms are very bleak and boring places of learning. Students sit for an hour a day trying to comprehend what the teacher at the front of the board is writing and trying to explain. At some point in that long hour they zone out into their own little world and forget by the time the bell rings what they were supposed to learn. John Holt writes in his essay “School Is Bad for Children,”...

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