The Importance Of Critical Thinking Among College Students

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Critical thinking skills is determined by many factors, especially the structure of one's thinking. The structure of thinking will be expressed through language, both verbal and written. Critical thinking also berambivalensi with the level of literacy a person either orally or in writing. Literacy ability is what will determine whether students are suceptive to the issues around them. Critical thinking skills are absolutely required by students and scholars, because at every opportunity they will decide the issues, both related to the field of scientific and social issues.

According to Paul (2011), critical thinking comes from two Latin root word in the language of ...view middle of the document...

Critical thinking is not only the use of logic (both formal and informal logic), but also a broader intellectual criteria, including clarity, confidence, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, and significance.

One important way to develop the virtues of critical thinking is a learned art to delay the withdrawal of a definitive conclusion. The trick is to apply the orientation perception rather than draw final conclusions too early. For example, when reading a novel, watch movies, follow the discussion or dialogue, to avoid the tendency to judge or draw conclusions remain. 


Arthur L. Costa (1985:310) illustrates that critical thinking is: "using basic thinking processes to analyze arguments and generate insight into particular meanings and interpretation; also known as directed thinking" 
 R.Matindas (1996:71) states that: "Critical thinking is mental activities are carried out to evaluate the truth of a statement. Generally the evaluation ends with a decision to accept, deny, or doubt the truth of the statement in question".

Matindas also revealed that many people are not really distinguish between critical thinking and logical thinking when there are major differences between them that is that critical thinking be done to make logical decisions while thinking only needed to make conclusions. Basically critical thinking involves logical thinking that are forwarded to the decision-making.

Indeed, much the way we define critical thinking, such as Dewey defines critical thinking as "... essentially problem solving"; or also can be defined as : "... a search for meaning, not the acquisition of knowledge" (Arendt, 1977). According to 
 Ennis (1985) in the form of working definition describes that: "Critical thinking is reasonable, reflective thinking focused on deciding that is what to believe".
 People who think critically is "... who base sugesstion and conclusions on evidence ... " characterized by: using evidence to measure the truth of the conclusion, shows that sometimes contradictory opinion and the opinion would change if it turns out there is strong evidence that contrary to his opinion (Gega 1977, p.78).

In line with what was raised Gega, The History-Social Science Statewide Assessment Advisory Committee (USA) defines critical thinking as "... Those behaviors associated with Deciding what to believe and do". Of the opinions of the above can be said that critical thinking is melipuri two major steps that make the process of logical thinking (reasoning) followed by the decision making and problem solving. Thus, it can also be interpreted that without an adequate ability to think in terms of reasoning (deductive, inductive and reflective), one can not do the critical thinking process properly.

Why Critical Thinking Important

Some other reasons that illustrate how important this process of creative thinking to college students include:

First, it seems very important to...

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