The Importance Of Clarity And Conciseness

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Areas of the directive that lack clarity and conciseness:
Inefficient communication constitutes a major problem to any organization. Recently an email stated that the member of the R&D department was to make a presentation demo for discussing new product and send it to intrigued departments. But there was no proper instructions about
• How to construct the email with all the new product information clearly
• How to identify interested departments and shareholders within the organization
• How to identify lay and low tech audience in the organization? So that new technology and unique features of the product can be stated in the email message in any easily understandable way in order to ...view middle of the document...

Finance/Accounting department need to construct (or develop) a cost cutting program after consulting various levels of the company. Sending a message (lacking clarity) to reduce the number of suppliers triggers manufacturing problems which will in turn affect product delivery. Finance department need to build cost control program and communicating the message (report) to all the department with clarity and conciseness will help to achieve the goal of cost control.
An effective message needs to be
• Concise
• Clear from the receiver’s perspective
• Relevant both to the audience and to your goal (Richard J. Atkins, 2015)
By implementing the following listed recommendations need to be implemented within the organization in order to improve messages with clarity and conciseness:
• Organization need to keep up an intranet specialized software tool to communicate with one another. In the globalized world, utilizing a product supporting apparatus for reporting data inside of the association decreases miscommunication issues. All the data from different parts of the association, for example, fabricating units, transportation, conveyance, suppliers, administration, client bolster and so on. Ought to be accessible in the IG communicator device database. IG Management and division heads can track all the most recent reports from different areas and offices.
• All the executives and managers group from diverse areas can correspond with one another utilizing the specialized apparatus. Consistently, chiefs will report the advancement and status of the business related to their individual divisions. All the interchanges are done might be finished with a fitting mail correspondence (Written correspondence).
• Every office needs to report the work status before the week's over and the issues identified with conveyance, transportation, deals and so forth, a fitting correspondence stage is a high need suggestion for the association.
• Management should focus more on...

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