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Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” The world doesn’t always agree about the importance of the arts, but the world will soon find out, that in order to save us, we have to save the Arts first.
Music, Art, and Theatre are the biggest foundations of our culture today. You see each and every art form every day, whether it be music, art, and/or theatre. Without any of these things the modern world we know and love wouldn’t be the same. “Teaching through the Arts can be done in many different ways depending on the teacher’s interest, but truly it is the only way to reinforce the students learning experience” states Debbie Cluff (Cluff Pg.2 Par.2). Basically Debbie is saying that the only way to reinforce a students learning experience is through the arts. It is imperative that every student going through any kind of fine arts program should have hands on experience with any of these forms of art. “The study of the Arts has the potential for providing others benefits traditionally associated the arts.” states Debbie Cluff (Cluff Pg.2 Par.6). Debbie makes it clear that with the arts you are able to reap the rewards and benefits that the arts themselves make possible, and children are able to experience that in the classroom. Children in the classroom would have no knowledge of our society and culture; not only of our culture, but to the rest of the world and their cultures as well. It only goes to show, that the importance of the Arts is ideal in schools.
Music has slowly become background to the world. Everywhere you go, music surrounds you. From your T.V. to the radio in your car, music is there, yet we never tend to acknowledge it. Music in general is just such a massive beast, it’s almost impossible to not be involved with it at some point of your life. And yet people are oblivious to the very basics of music. With contributions from modern technology; the introduction of contemporary formats like mp3, and the rise of mp3 consumer electronics has expanded the scope of music across our society. Furthermore, music is now more portable and accessible than ever before. But in doing so, this takes away from traditional performances and the freedom of expression. “Dance and techno music, wholly created by computer is apparently destroying real talent in music. It is bringing in programmed sounds and rhythms and combining them with sampled music-nothing original at all.” states Jonathon Hardcastle. (Hardcastle Pg.1 Par.3) Jonathon believes that technology is taking away from the actual performances creating a synthesized environment; and this takes away from the performance. I myself am a musician, and I can’t describe enough how much people should see live performances, and I don’t just mean at like rock concerts, but high school concerts, orchestras, or even operas and musicals. People need to see the different sides of performances. Harris Berger says “Playing...

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