The Importance And Relevance Of Using Gadgets In School

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This chapter presents the methodology of the study. This includes the research design, population and sampling technique, respondents of the study, instruments used in obtaining data, research locale, data gathering procedure and statistical technique that were used in the analysis and interpretation of the data.

Research Design
This study utilizes a descriptive method or survey research design. Descriptive research design is a valid method for researching specific subjects and as a precursor for more quantitative studies used in the social sciences and psychology to monitor the behavior of a subject without affecting the subject in any way. The researcher’s main concern ...view middle of the document...

For the teachers, this study will be important for them because they are the foundation of learning and they are the instructors of the students. Knowing the importance and relevance of using gadgets in school will help them understand the perspectives of the students on why they bring gadgets in school.
For the parents, the result of this study will make them understand their children’s point of view in bringing gadgets in school. Furthermore, it will also be helpful to them in motivating and helping their children on their studies.
For the students, it will serve as an eye-opener regarding the importance and relevance of using gadgets in school. It will also make them understand that using gadgets in school should be balanced with their studies.
And for the researchers, this will serve as their baseline information to encourage them to conduct related studies.
The researchers present the following assumptions:
1. The students shall know the importance and relevance of using gadgets in school and
shall know how to manage their time in school.
2. The students shall know the true purposes on why they should use gadgets in school.
3. Teachers will know the reasons and perspectives of the students on using gadgets in
school and will make them understand them.
Using gadgets in school is not important and relevant to the students of Marinduque Academy Inc.
Definition of Terms

Statement of the Problem
This study will attempt to answer the importance and relevance of using gadgets in school of the students of Marinduque Academy Inc.
Specially, it will seek to answer the following questions:
1. What is the importance and relevance of using gadgets in school?
2. Does the use of gadgets in school will be much helpful to the students?
3. How does the use of gadgets in school greatly affect the life of the students?
Scope and Limitations of the Study
This study should be limited only in Marinduque Academy Inc. The direct...

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