The Implication Of Technology Remediation In Academic Performance Of Student

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Chapter 1
The Problem and it’s Setting

I. Introduction
A. Background of the Study
With the rapid technological advances today, education and the students are adapting to these changes. It is affected in both positive and negative ways. The importance of technology in society provides both an opportunity and a challenge. The improvement in today's technology has not only improved it's quality but also it's availability to consumers. A part of those consumers are the college students who rely on technology for their studies. Technology maximizes the resources that teachers can offer to their students. Instead of relying on the textbooks for information, computers can provide online access and updated information. Technology can have a positive impact on students if used properly. For instance, the professor’s mode of instruction. She/he can pick from a variety of educational tools that has audio, video, illustrations and other visual aids. Students ...view middle of the document...

This study aims to answer these questions:
1. How technology affects the students' academic performance?
2. Does the lack of technology use diminish the students' good academic performance?
3. Do students use technology to learn?
4. Do students use technology in a proper way?
5. How students use technology to support their vision of learning?
C. Significance of the Study
This part of this study will provide brief description on the various significances of the study given the three categories Educational, Technological and Economic.
To students. The proposed study serves the students as their reference or guide in expanding their knowledge in order to help them in school. So that students may able to maximize their resources and use it properly.
To teachers. The proposed study will help teachers to have more interesting and active lectures. Technology can make the lesson more interesting for the students. To make lectures visual is much more interesting than to orally explain it.
To future researchers. The proposed study will benefit and help the future researcher as their guide. The study can also open in development of this study.
This study will be helpful to the academy in a way that it will provide better method of technology usage. Therefore, research which explores the advantages of such technology will help to raise awareness among the students who are unacquainted with its potential applications and benefits within their educational setting.
D. Scope and Limitation
The scope of our study is for modern technology that changed has changed our life as student and changed the world of education. It is focused on the positive effect of technology on student’s learning. The study will include how technology enhancing students' reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The research would then be able to investigate how the new technology particularly internet technology can affect the academic performances of students.
The study does not cover any other technologies that do not have a connection in educational matter. It does not cover how student will overcome some of the problems associated with the Internet. It is not part of our study to identify and enumerate all the different technologies.

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