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The Impacts Of Elvis Presley Essay

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The Impacts of Elvis Presley

The impacts of Elvis Presley can be divided into several groups.
Firstly is the impact in terms of the amount of sales that he made. He
made 6 hit singles,

at the time he had only been going for 10 months. This is more that
any artist would hope to get in their whole career. His popularity
among the younger generations also helps to see the impact the he has
made, someone noticed that there was a market for music aimed towards
younger generations, so they set out looking for someone; this meant
that he had no competition when he was released onto the market.
Because of this the impact seemed a lot greater, there had ...view middle of the document...

The media, in particular the TV meant that he was always in the public
eye. When he went onto the Milton Berle show for the first time they
managed to knock Sergeant Bilko off of the top ratings. Everyone
watched because the children liked him and the adults just had to see
this controversy. The fact that he was followed all through his
service in the army meant that he was given allot of credit. They saw
his every move and everything he did. This built a lot of credit for
him even amongst the adults. Then when he left the army he went
straight into a TV special with Frank Sinatra. This meant that he had
never really left the public eye, because he was still popular enough
to do TV specials.

There are other things that helped though; firstly there was a huge
gap in the market where teenagers were concerned. This meant that
there were many opportunities to offer something for the teenagers and
because there was nothing else there would be no competition. They
also had a greater chance of any bands released for the teenagers
being liked. Marketing also played a big role in his impact on
society. The amount of money that went into selling him was
incredible. Everywhere that a teenager went there was something to
remind you of the “King” Posters, billboards and TV’s shop windows. A

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