The Impact Technology Will Have On Effectiveness Of Education

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The Impact Technology Will Have on Effectiveness of Education

What fundamental assumptions of our society will be altered as a result of the computer revolution?
The first thing to understand regarding the question posed is that this revolution is not an event but ongoing evolution. I believe that fundamental assumptions that will be altered by computers are centered on the role of computers. In relation to education, the human mind is strengthened and personal intellect is advanced by study and consideration. The role of computers in those endeavors is indirect at best. Computers will not create expression nor will they provide us with intellectual ...view middle of the document...

When calculators first became popular the same concern was raised: kids will no longer need to learn math. The concern at that time was so great that a math student caught with a calculator may have been kicked out of school. Using a calculator was cheating and if they were used on a regular basis our math calculating brains would shrivel up for lack of use.
Calculators did not turn our math students into zombie brains. Math major students now carry the more powerful calculators on campus. The calculator has changed status from a crutch that does our work for us, to a tool that we use to increase our productivity. In some circles computers are going though the same metamorphosis and this may be especially true in education.
The assumption that aspects of education are becoming obsolete as long as we have a computer may be backward thinking but the perception is particularly dangerous to students. The students who come to The Art Institute to study graphic design now really have something of a double major: graphic design and computer science. Heavy computer use for digital design forces design students to become more computer literate than most other majors. The danger to an art student in a digital field is reversing his priorities between becoming proficient at design and proficient with computers.
It is all too common for students to become proficient in graphics software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress and have no understanding of design. The erroneous assumption, of course, is that if a student can manipulate the software, he or she is a designer. The student essentially is taking the course of least resistance – it is easier to learn software than design. It is also a case where, with no understanding of the software, there will be no projects at all to turn in. In contrast, a student with some measure of understanding of software but with no understanding of design will have a project to turn in. A student in this scenario is often surprised at the low grade he receives on the project.
Another fundamental assumption of our society that will be altered as a result of the computer revolution is that the computer is or will soon surpass the human mind. When we hear of a computer making thousands of calculations in nano seconds it seems to be proof of the computer’s superiority over the human mind. This assumption is simply history repeating itself. Just prior to and during World War II, scientific and engineering advances skyrocketed. Knowledge in certain scientific fields was growing at a rate faster than the world ever dreamed possible. The huge leap in knowledge created the assumption that science was more advanced than nature. This assumption led scientists to assume that they could develop sustenance for newborn babies more nutritious than mothers’ milk. As that knowledge advanced, scientists realized that, at no time soon, would they be formulating a better product than mothers’ milk for babies. I believe...

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