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The Impact Of The Internet On Children

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The Impact of the Internet on Children

Introduction & Background
With the advanced development computer technology, currently, the internet is prevalently spreading nearly everywhere in our life, work and study. In fact, the internet is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the internet can help us to handle lots of complicated matters and make people broaden their horizons through the internet. However, according to the research, most of the people, especially lots of children, are influenced by the internet negatively in terms of time management, addiction to the online games, free pornographies and adult films, physical health and family relationships. Therefore, we must come ...view middle of the document...

al. 2010). Moreover, more than half of the parents think that the main purpose of the computer is surfing the internet for information and they take it for granted that children can access the internet. As a result, children spend more time on the internet, and less time on the other activities in recent years. As a matter of fact, it is a very common phenomenon that current generation is the first generation that experiences the world primarily by means of the internet.
The second negative impact of the internet on children is an addiction to the online games, free pornographies and adult films. We just call it “net addiction”. In their article, the three authors Muresan, Catalano and Bocos(2010) illustrate that 34.95% of students like to play online games in their spare times. In another article, “Negative effects of the internet”, Wilkinson (2011) points out that more and more children become addicted to the internet. To be more specific, she mentioned that the internet houses more free pornographies and adult films which are easier to for children acquire than before although over 50% of parents said they control their children’s activity at the computer (Muresan 2010). In fact, the most important part of the parental control is not only control but offer help to children when they surf the internet. However, the majority of parents do not pay attention to internet education on children because “only 13.2% of children receive guidelines by their parents” (Valcke, Bonte, Wever & Rots, 2010, P456). As a result, an increasing number of pornographies make it much easier for children to access adult films and absorb sexual images because there are more than 80% of the primary school children saying they are at unsafe internet usage (Valcke 2010). To some extent, the internet controls children’s life by pornography which makes it become a ubiquitous nature of thing in their normal life (Wilkinson, 2011). Therefore, more and more children fall victim to this negative emotional impact due to an unregulated online game, a harmful exposure to pornography and an uncontrolled publication of adult film on the internet. In the article “The effects of behavioral inhibition/ approach system as predictors of Internet addiction in adolescents”, the author Park, Lee, Jung and Choi (2012) raise a possible explanation to the children’s net addiction is the anxiety. That means the more anxiety to the internet, the less self-control on the access to the internet. Therefore, most of children are negatively influenced by an increasing number of online games, free pornographies and adult films, thus affecting their physical health.
Besides an addiction to the online games, free pornographies and adult films, physical health is another major negative impact of the internet on children. Can you imagine sitting in front of a computer screen continuously for a long time without any food and water? In fact, it is a very common scene to most of children...

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