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The Impact Of Technology And Online Communities

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The impact of technology and online communities
The importance of social media in today’s generation is really significant, and because of its influence, it is recognized as an excellent marketing tool and could help businesses in building an online presence. Social media paved the way for the evolution of social relations and of people’s interaction. Nowadays, people seem to do everything online: making friends, watch movies, and even transact businesses (admin, 2011).
As part of your social media branding, the importance of social media in today’s society is nothing to be overlooked at and it should never be, it was not existed a short few years ago but yet we could not see ourselves ...view middle of the document...

Without social media society would go down to bigger crises. Businesses will be much slower and will have trouble keeping up with stocks and inventory, maybe they won’t have much process in putting their business out there for the whole world to see or know about. There would be lots of negative effects on this issue if it would ever have to happen. Communication will be a huge factor as well, with all the social networks like Facebook, MySpace, twitter, messenger and lots of others being removed there won’t be enough communication and news would not be at our hands as it is today. Technology has advanced in an amazing way that not even doctors or the president of the United States of America would live without it. Taking social media away would affect everybody, not just because we will not have that way of communicating with friends or knowing the gossip but teachers nowadays depend so much on programs that are in a website to teach us students. Even universities would be in trouble because most of them use them to connect with students. The army would have trouble communicating and they would not know where they are without navigations. Society is used to so much technology that it comes naturally for us to have it around, now without it, it would be chaos. With social media being removed there could be a few positive effects on its outcome. More teenagers could actually go out to the park and play being active instead of being stuck to the computer playing games. It could decrease the obesity in America. It could save more energy and have less global warming. The negative effects take over the positive effects...

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