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The Impact Of St. Augustine's Life

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Running Head: Book Review: The Impact of St. Augustine's Life



A Paper Submitted To Dr. John Landers
Liberty Theological Seminary
In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements
For The Course CHHI 520


Dutch Nelson
Liberty ID #: L24440559
Lynchburg, Virginia
October 7, 2012
Table of Contents

Cover Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
The Life of Augustine 3
Madaurus 366-370 3
Thagaste 370-371 4
Carthage 371-383 4
Italy 383-387 4
Thagaste 387-390 5
Hippo 390-430 5
Augustine as a Writer 5
Augustine as a Scholar 6
Augustine ...view middle of the document...

This little town was nothing compared to the centers of learning in the Roman Empire, which is known for cultivating scholars (Smith 2008, 1). However, it was the place of birth of one of the most exemplary individual that graced the earth and who would later become an Archbishop. It was while living in Thagaste that he studied Greek and Latin.
Madaurus 366 - 370
He lived in Madaurus from 366-370 when he attended secondary school. He also studied Latin and Literature in Madaurus. It was during this period that he came under the influence of the doctrine of Cicero, which he credited for his rather lengthy association with philosophy, psychology, human nature and religion (EGS Digital Library).
Thagaste 370 - 371
Augustine went back to Thagaste for a short while since his parents did not have the money to send him on to a university. While there he was engaged in practices that were similar to his father. Although his mother dissuaded him, he persisted. This he spoke of in Book ll of Confessions. It was at this time that he engaged in telling lies, stealing and irresponsible sexual behavior.
Carthage 371 – 383
Augustine was only about 17 years of age he went to Carthage to study rhetoric at the University of Carthage. It was while there that he came under the influence of the Manichaean religion. He also met his lover of over 13 years while he resided in Carthage. This relationship resulted in a son, Adeodatus in 372. This was the woman he referred to one of his famous writings, Confessiones (which when translated to English means Confessions). After returning to his hometown of Thagaste, for a short while he went back to Carthage and stayed there until his departure to Rome in 383 where he sought new challenges.
Italy 383 - 387
While in Rome he suffered some disappointments. However, he left soon after left for Milan to work in the court as an orator to the emperor. He broke his relationship with his son’s mother in preparation to get married to someone else (Willis 2001, 4). Having read the Biography of St. Anthony of the Desert, he finally embraced Christianity in its totality. At this point he gave up an arranged marriage, which was in the making; a promising career in rhetoric; and other privileges. In 386 he was converted to Christianity in Italy. On Easter Day in 387 he and his son was baptized by Ambrose who was at that time a friend and bishop of Milan. He later returned to Thagaste.
Thagaste 387- 390
Augustine returned to Thagaste where he gave away his inheritance to the poor. He then turned his house into a Monastery where he prayed and studied with others of the same belief. He was later called from this life of solitude to be the priest of Hippo.
Hippo 390-430
Augustine was latter ordained as the priest of Hippo and subsequently became Bishop of Hippo Regius, which is now the city of Annaba in Algeria in 395. He preached, prayed, wrote books, and studied the word of God. He was the Archbishop until the time of...

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