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The Impact Of Short Message Service

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At the present time, it’s hard to find a man without this one electronic gadget. This particular gadget is a mobile phone. The blooming number of mobile phone user within the last ten years has brought significant changing in our society. One of the changes is the changes it brought to our national language – Bahasa Malaysia. It has been a debate between scholars and among the society whether the means of this electronic communication brought a positive effects or vice versa. Mobile phone are ...view middle of the document...

Bahasa Malaysia is the foundation to build the nation and society culture, it is a sign of foundation of Malaysian, a language of unity, a language of education (Dr. Awang Sariyan, 2006)[1]

Communication is vital for humans. People use communication all the time. Some forms of communication include: face to face communication, email, chats, facebook, myspace, instant messaging, and text messaging. Text messaging has become quite a communication phenomenon since the last several years. Cellular mobile subscribers grew at an average of 63% a year between the years 1991 to 1997. During the 1997 financial crisis, the number of subscribers continued to grow, though at a lower rate of 45% a year. The growth rate increased sharply in the year 2000 to 75%, the highest increase since 1995 (Koh Yun Sing and Ow Siew Hock)[2].

People use text messaging to get dates, tell people they love them or goodnight, avoid oral communication, coordinate times to meet up, connect with friends, and even some places, such as Japan, look fashionable (Leung 2007)[3]. College students use text messaging on a regular basis. Text messaging is a fast, easy, convenient, and an easy way to multitask (Grinter & Eldrige, 2001)[4].

Growing along with the blooming trend of short messaging system is the worries on the corruption it brings to Bahasa Malaysia through the abbreviation of words in the message. Short messaging or texting refers to the use of abbreviations and other techniques to craft SMS and instant messages. Texting does not always follow the standard rules of Bahasa Malaysia grammar, nor usual word spellings. It is so pervasive that some regard it as an emergent language register in its own right (Steve Vosloo, 2009)[5]. As this happened, worries rise among society for negative impact; the corruption of language and degradation in writing



Breakthrough in communication has brought tremendous impact in many languages. Bahasa Malaysia is one of the languages that get a direct impact. People nowadays tend to shorten their spelling when texting. This is due to the comfort it offers to the user of the language by saving energy, space and time. This has led to a new variety of the written language, normally a shortened from actual spelling, which is deviant from the traditional or formal norms. But, this shorten new spelling required a special knowledge to understand this new norms of spelling.

Bahasa Malaysia has gone through many changes since the ancient Malay Sultanate regime. The spelling of words, the styles of formal writing, the verbal spoken language as well have gone through many changes. So, why there is a fuss about this new emerging style of communication? It is not like the language itself has never gone through any changes before (Ismail Hussein, 1984)[6]. Maybe this new kind of texting should be embraced by society as a means to communicate, if not for formal then for informal purpose as the...

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