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The Impact Of Jewish Immigration Essay

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The Impact of Jewish ImmigrationDuring the immigration of the late 19th century to the early 20th century, immigration from Eastern Europe increased dramatically. This movement has introduced accessions of Judaism, which became a major religious community in the United States.When establishing the community in the United States most foreign communities are forced to accommodate and assimilate to the American society. These conflicts were met when the Jewish immigrants made more then half million entrances during the 1880 and 1900 to escape the egocentric racial brutality from the imperialist countries like Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary, and Romania (Glazer 35). Although most of these ...view middle of the document...

And during this time the ancient laws of Judaism has been questioned to be anachronistic, which lead to proclamation made during the 1824 in Charleston of accommodations of the synagogue to simplify rituals for better understanding and making it acceptable to the new found society (Hudson 322). Even though this movement was not successful, the first congregations were formed later on during the 1842 by Har Sinai of Baltimore and another reform in 1845 by Emanu-El of New York.Another great leader who has influenced the Reform significantly was Isaac M. Wise, the founder of the Union of the American Hebrew Congregation in 1873 and Hebrew Union College that was later found in 1875(Internet source). His accommodations to the practice were the introductory to equal rights for women. One of his most influential movements was his change to make the introducing original prayers into the services and shift of Saturday morning practices to Friday evening practice. And these accommodation and Reform had continued to grow during the 1880's.This new wave of 1880 has also introduced a new community of Jewish Immigrants from Eastern Europe who changed the character of the community. The new Jewish immigrants were far different from the old community. They had few scholars, but mostly consisted of illiterate, poverty stricken workers with out skills (Simon 162). They eventually created their own community in the eastern cities as their ghetto. And amongst these East European Jewish immigrants were the tragic conditions of losing hope of acquiring political and social assimilation as full secured citizens. And in words of Nathan Glazer "Eastern Europeans were a frightening apparition to the established, middle-class. American-German Jews of the 1880's".By 1920 the majority of the Jewish population consisted of the East European Jewish immigrants and the Reformed Judaism was out numbered by the members of the orthodox synagogue. During this period the Zionist views were aroused by Mordecai M. Kaplan. His initiative was to bring the Jewish people together. From his writing of Judaism as a Civilization in 1934 he has brought the orthodox views of Judaism. In his words, "To modern man, religion can no longer be matter if...

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