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The Impact Of Fear Essay

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The Impact of Fear

Fear is the strongest motivator in the world. In “The Jabberwocky” Lewis Carroll uses literary devices such as imagery, tone shifts, and onomatopoeia to put fear in the hearts of mankind. The author puts fear in the hearts of champions and also puts people in a place of pain and agony, but he further goes to explain that through courage we can overcome this fear and rise up to stand against the fear and doubt in our hearts and with courage they will always be defeated with courage left the victor.

The author Lewis Carroll uses imagery to set fear in the heart of the greatest champions and destroy their confidence and strike fear into the hearts of everyone. In ...view middle of the document...

The author uses calm fearful tones to bring fear in the heart of the hero “so rested he by the tum tum tree and stood awhile in thought and as in uffish thought he stood.” (lines 11-13). The author uses a calm tone to describe the fear in the champion’s heart and as he waits and rests in thought, he is afraid of what is to come and is afraid to confront his enemy. Antoher line similar to that of the last one can be found in “Beware the Jubjub bird and shun the frumious Bandersnatch” (7-8). The author uses tone to break down the courage of the champion, to strike fear in his heart, to break down his will, and to completely extinguish any pride or self confidence that was still there is gone because of the tone used and the way it was used.

The author Lewis Carroll uses onomatopoeia to describe the rising up against the evil and destroying the fear and replacing it with courage and pride. The author uses onomatopoeia in the story numerous times to show what is happening and how it is happening like in the line “The vorpal sword went snicker snack” the author is describing the hero fighting his enemy in the long awaited battle between good and evil and he is describing also the rising up against our fears and through our courage to do what is right for the greater good to defeat evil and relieve the hearts of fear and anguish and replace it with courage and pride to defeat evil, he also uses onomatopoeia to describe the victory the champion has attained after defeating his enemy. He also uses tone in a very different way than before because now instead of onomatopoeia being used to describe the battle...

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