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The Impact Of Education In My Life

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The Impact of Education in My Life
Education has changed my life, and will continue to change it for as long as I live. Education is the process of teaching and learning. It is an enlightening experience. I have a huge passion for learning, to learn as must as I can about a wide variety of subjects, and I believe that I always will. I want to be the best (and smartest) that I can be. Being educated can open many doors and many different opportunities. Education has made me aware of my role in this world and opened my eyes to it. What we learn in school shapes our future choices, and the decisions we untimely make, big or small.
I have rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed with it when I was 16 years of age. It made me change my whole life style around. However, it also revealed to me a hidden interest in medicine; and especially physiology. Physiology is the study of how the body ...view middle of the document...

I now exercise regularly and eat a low-sodium diet. This has affected my life and will affect it forever. Education can help one succeed in most of life’s endeavors. It cannot only make you book savvy but also street smart.
Education can open our minds to new things. It can help fuel curiosity. Along with my illness, it has helped to fuel my interest in not only medicine but also history. It has made my intellect grow, has significantly increased my ability to retain information, increased my level of self-confidence, and has helped me to be more socially active with different kinds of people, and form new friendships.
Since I decided to continue my education by going to college, I have formed new friendships, met some really interesting and fascinating people. I wouldn’t have met these people unless I had decided to continue my education, and to learn more. I learned many new things by meeting these people, and saw some things in a different light. Due to the different kinds of people that I have met by going to college, I have learned a lot about different parts of the world, and different cultures and their beliefs.
Education helps you stretch your known intellectual boundary. I learned something new every single day. It also helps a person to get a complete sense of livelihood, to see what you are missing in life, making you have a better quality of life. It has given me great satisfaction in all of the knowledge that I have been able to accumulate. It has also taught me to express myself more effectively.
Education will also impact my life in a monetary sense. It will help me to get a secure financial future. After my schooling is complete, I will be able to join the medical field, a career field with a high pay.
To summarize, education has already influenced my life a great deal and will continue to influence it for as long as I live. It has helped me t open my mind, view things in a different way, fuel my curiosity for learning even my. My illness has fueled my desire to learn about medicine, which I have chosen as my future career.

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