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The Impact Of Computer In Our Modern Days Organization ( A Case Study Of Federal College Of Education Technical Asaba, Delta State)

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The invention of computers has brought tremendous change into various aspects of human endeavor. In the 1960s computers were used by relatively few people but presently computer has great impact on our society than any other device invented in the second half of the 20th century.
The impact of computer is felt in all professions for example, in medical line, computer is used in management information system, billing system and drug administration. Likewise in education computers are useful in teaching the basic skills.
In office management the use of computer has made great impact on the area of our modern office equipment which had ...view middle of the document...

These challenges are: loss of craftsmanship, lack of basic computer skills, training and development, not adequate, epileptic power supply and partial loss of sight by operators. These challenges are what I wish to look into seriously.
The purpose of the study is to systematically examine the role of computer in organization with special relevance to Federal College of education (Technical), Asaba.
This study is to identify the impact of computer in our Modern day organization with Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba as a case study.
The following research questions were formulated as a guide in analyzing the impact of computer in modern organization.
1. Does the use of computer enhance productivity?
2. Does a poor infrastructure affect the proper use of computer in the internet
3. Does lack of finance hinder the proper functioning of computers?
4. Does the user of computer in organization save time and energy
5. Does security have effect on the use of computers in an organization
6. Does computer provide better services in our modern day’s organization?
7. Does power supply partial loss of soft by operators?]
8. Do you think computer helps in development of the nation’s economy?
9. Does most people find it difficult to use computer in modern day?
10. Does computer produce standardized or uniformed work?
The significance of the study cannot be over emphasized because it will afford computer operators, the companies and Government the need to be computer literate, as it is now needed in every area of human endeavor including organizations. The findings of this research will undoubtedly serve as beneficial to bother the computer- operators and companies and the Government institutions. It will also enable the Government to know that there is higher demand for computer services in organizations.
This research work was limited to Federal College off Education (Technical) Asaba.
Based on the peculiar use of words they are defined as follows
Telephone: this is an apparatus for transmission and reproduction of sound by means of frequency electrical waves.
Computers: this is a programmable electronic device that can accept data as input process that data, store the data and give out information as output.
Communication: this is the process or activity of expressing ideas and feelings or giving people information.
Information: this means that facts or detail about something or somebody.
Program: this is a stet of instructions written in a
computer language upon which the computer acts.
Motivation organization: in these organizations the business of the enterprise takes place in an environment in which employees make research, decision or develop products based on the result of that mission, the knowledge centric...

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