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The Impact Of Communication Styles On Customer Service

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The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Service
Unit 5 AB221
Malana Crofoot
Kaplan University

The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Service
Great customer service is a direct result of the communication style that the company uses. Do not get this confused with personality styles. That is something altogether different. Communication style is the way people interact with each other and the message they send through their behavior. (Google, 2012)
Communication is a very important aspect of customer service. It is very important for the company to establish a tone. If the wrong type of communication is conveyed it can cost a customer For instance, when there is a CSR interacting with customers who is too timid or hesitant, customers may get the impression that the rep has not been properly trained and therefore unqualified. ...view middle of the document...

This is not a customer friendly style and “can leave customers feeling like customer service is not important to the company.” (Workplace Wrangler, 2011)
The best style of communication for a CSR is an assertive style. Assertive style communication is defined as the ability to express positive and negative ideas and feelings in a way that is open and honest and that recognizes our rights while respecting others rights. (Hopkins, 2005) All customers want to feel as if their rights are being respected. CSR’s should have a warm courteous tone that welcomes the customer so that it builds positive customer service experience and hopefully a lasting relationship.
There are times when customers ask for something that is totally unreasonable. An assertive person will be able to communicate that information to the customer with confidence, but also be able to offer a reasonable alternative with confidence. Sometimes a customer has to be told no, it is just how the message is sent. Companies must remember that every interaction with a customer leaves a lasting impression about that company. If there are too many different styles of communication being conveyed customers may leave believing that the company is “disorganized or unprofessional”. (Drew, 2011) All employees should be trained to focus on one style of communication throughout the company so that no matter who the customer is interacting with, they will always leave with the same positive impression.


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