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The Impact Of Civil War To Children

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Sital Raj Uprety(14149611)

Having been born and raised in a third world country, the exact idea of living a quality life was never clear. During my childhood, I used to see a lot of people around me leaving the country and settling in some developed country just in order to have a better quality of life. This has always raised a question in my mind, what in fact is a quality. Is it something you can find in a specific place or an object, or is it something you can experience from anything anywhere. I believe it’s an extraordinary experience that makes you gives you extreme happiness and makes you want to be in that state forever. I have had several contacts with quality that really made ...view middle of the document...

We went and talked to the children rehabilitation center, visited couple of orphanage homes and finally decided to build a home, arrange a school and hire somebody to cook and clean for the children.

Then the toughest part started, finding a sponsor. We visited every single International Non-Governmental Organization(INGO) in the city with the proposal including the United Nation High Commission for Human Rights(UNHCR), United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as well as many others. After a month long struggle to find a sponsor, we found about five organizations that were ready to fund our project. With the money, we rented a three story building with 15 bedrooms, enough for 30 children to live. Beyond the lump of money for starting the project, there was a continuous need for money to keep the home running. We wanted to make sure of that before we started the project. So, we signed a two years contract with three different International Non-Governmental Organizations that committed to give specific amount of money for running the house every month.

After arranging the money part of the project, we started making the house suitable for kids to live. We brought the bedding and all other things needed. We also hired four people to cook and clean for the kids. People we hired were paid by the same organizations that funded our project. Then, we had to arrange schooling for the children. We went and talked to the principal of the public school near the house we rented and he agreed to admit 30 students for free after looking at the recommendation from the government and the sponsoring organizations.

Then the day we had waited three months...

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