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The Immigration "Problem" Essay

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A simple definition of Immigration is "the movement of people from one foreign country to another. (Definitions of Immigration on the Web, 2006). This simple definition does not tell about whom these people are, or why they leave their homes to travel to a new land.America's history is based on the immigration of foreigners. As early as 1607 people were leaving their countries and immigrating to America in pursuit of religious and political freedom and economic opportunity; Who are these people coming into America? They are British, Irish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Hispanic, people from all over the globe travel to America where they believe there is a better life waiting for them ...view middle of the document...

S. citizenship.Green Cards:Raising the number of green card available by up to 400,000 per year, at some point in the future, schedule to be determined.Border Agents:As many as 14,000 new Border Patrol agents will be hired by 2011.Helping Hands:Clergy and other charitable organizations who help illegal immigrants will be exempt from penalties "(Wipf, 2006).This new bill has a huge impact on social and Economic justice. When I think of justice I think of everyone getting his or her fair share. I believe that everyone is equal and should be treated that way. Although it is unreasonable to think that everyone should make exactly the same amount of money and have all of the same things, it is reasonable to think that everyone has a right to have their basic needs met. Therefore people have the right to food, shelter, education, and a means to obtaining income. Although the new bill is not perfect and there will still be difficulty obtaining some of these rights it makes it so that more people will be able to obtain these rights in the future. I also see the passing of this bill as a means for improvement in the future. Its clear that people are beginning to see that the old ways of doing things is not always the best.I believe that immigrants need more protection in America. There is no denying that much of American hard labor such as farm work is done by immigrants. Many of the immigrants who come to America are not here to stay permanently; they are trying to make money to provide for their families in their home countries. Why should we punish people who want to work and are willing to do the work that other Americans are uninterested in? I...

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