The Imapact Of General Aviation Essay

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Air Transportation Management
The Impact of General Aviation

General aviation is considered one of the three main segments of the aviation market. The other two being commercial aviation and military aviation. General aviation operations are anything other than military and common carriage. Without general aviation, the industry would suffer in countless ways, possibly even collapse. General aviation includes, literally, every other civilian job except for the few related to the airline sector. What I consider the most important ones are aerial firefighting, flight instructing, pipeline patrol, corporate, bush piloting, agricultural, and test piloting. Flight instructing is one of the ...view middle of the document...

Aerial firefighting is a somewhat dangerous job that must require very skilled and proficient pilots to operate planes with full loads of fire retardant low to the ground and release the loads to help extinguish forest fires. Without aerial firefighting, fires would be much harder to control and extinguish. It would put pressure, man hours, and resources required on the ground units resulting in substantial expenditures.
The agricultural pilot carries various chemicals and compounds and sprays them on forest, farmlands, fields, crops, orchards, and swamps. These chemicals are usually fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. This general aviation job is essential for today’s farmers.
Test piloting consists of testing overhauled and new aircraft to ensure they are airworthy. Many believe being a test pilot is the most dangerous of all pilot jobs, and for good reasons, too. Some of the factors they test are the design strength, equipment, and performance capabilities of new types of aircraft built by...

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