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The Imaginary Escape; The Assignment Was An Analysis On Short Stories That We Read And Write 2 3 Page Essay On It, Using Third Person

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Many readers create a variety of possibilities with each story they read. The authors like to give readers facts, but not enough for them to draw a final conclusion. The readers can think of many different endings with the story "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," with the abrupt ending the Ambrose Bierce gives. Even though it is not stated until the end that Peyton Farquhar dies, Bierce gives several clues that Peyton is imagining his escape the entire time.The writer provides a brief insight into Peyton's thoughts before he dies. Farquhar is trying to get his mind off his death sentence by observing everything that is going on around him. His mind is focusing on objects around him instead ...view middle of the document...

The author adds in the intervals of long silence to help build up the fear in Peyton and to give his mind enough time for his great escape plan. He is still letting the outside activities distract his mind from his plan. His mind is now keen to every sound around him, but it is also starting to play tricks on him as well. His mind is altering the sounds around him into something completely different: "Its recurrence was regular, but as slow as the tolling of a death knell" (Bierce 930). This makes Peyton so scared that he is ready to "shriek" because he knows his time on earth is running short and his plan is not finished yet. The writer does this to build up the reader's suspense, but lowers the outcome on them by saying the sounds are coming from Peyton's watch. The writer does not want the readers to forget about the Army being there to execute Peyton, so he explains its position on the plank.The explanation of Peyton's position on the plank is a great detail in this story. The readers know that the sergeant's weight of his body is keeping Peyton balanced on the plank....

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