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The Iks Vs. Society Essay

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The Iks vs. Society

In the essay, “The Iks,” Lewis Thomas compares the behavior and characteristics of a tribe. He compares and contrasts the actions and traditions of Iks to other “groups of one size or another, ranging from committees to nations” due to their transformations of becoming barbarous creatures (Thomas 81). The Iks’ society is exploited by the government and an anthropologist, becoming a controlled experiment under a microscope.He discusses the transformation of the Iks from being nomadic hunters and gatherers in the mountain valleys to becoming more greedy, cruel, and disheartened individuals, as a reaction towards  the “dismantling of their traditional culture” (Thomas ...view middle of the document...

They give no respect to their elders by establishing a foundation that isolates them, leaving them taken advantaged of and having to suffer through starvation. The characteristics relating to cities are just as the same, he addresses. Cities defecate on others’ doorsteps as well: they pollute the environment by littering on the streets and polluting the air causing global warming. According to statistics, the United States is the largest source of global warming pollution. The United States “produce 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution from fossil-fuel burning” (“NRDC”) mostly from factories, vehicles, and power plants, proving that there is no respect for the public properties. It is disrupting civilians’ living conditions and Mother Nature, putting them in danger because of the chaos from the cities’ productions and people. They also loathe other cities and find their misfortunes amusing when someone or something is at fault.For example, in 2001 Osama Bin Laden hated America strongly and planned “the worst disaster in the history of the United States” (Rory).As he loathed our country - the U.S. - he planned accordingly with his group, to massively destruct the World Trade Center causing plenty grief and catastrophe to the U.S. emotionally and physically.
The Ik-like traits of becoming a constituency is created to any presence of threatening emotions towards any group or person to make them feel superior in one’s need. For instance, in September 5,2010, George Leroy Baker III,a grandfather of 81 years of age from Tempe, Arizona, was brutally beaten to death by three minor teenagers after he had walked out of his granddaughter’s wedding ceremony in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was intended that this group of teenage boys planned to launch an attack on the first person he saw, to arouse the girls that were with them (J. Thomas). Such an event caused grieving and mourning to the Bakers’ family due to their loss, but it also antagonized the emotions of witnesses and viewers as to how and why the boys’ would do such harm to an elderly man.Living in an abused society, groups have a need to wanting to feel superior in any type of ways. The distraught behaviors’ from this group of teenage boys adapt to the similar traits as the Iks’, providing evidence that the Ik tribe has a...

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