The Hunger Games: A Perfect Government

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The role of government

The government’s role for the people is to challenge them like how contestants from “The Amazing Race” or “Fear Factor” are challenged. Government should be like a reality competition show filled with adventure and danger (Amazing Race, 2003) (Fear Factor, 2005). Just like the government in “The Hunger Games” (Collins, 2008). People should compete for rights and liberties. The competitions can be held under the government’s supervision. These competitions can involve multiple life daring tasks and only the ones that survive win. The losers or the ones not so fortunate die in the process, a true fight to the death. Government works from a federal standpoint and does ...view middle of the document...

Like in “Hunger Games” all citizens were divided by income levels and would only adhere to the leader of the nation (Collins, 2008). Similarly in the idealized form of government should be centralized in only one branch. The person in power is the President. The President is also chosen by a duel of all Local Nations. All of the Local Nations chooses one of their strongest and noblest contestants to gain the power of presidency. Local Nations choose their nominee by holding multiple challenges that involve physical and mental tasks. Every Local Nation has their unique obstacles created. Once, that nominee is chosen they go to the nation’s capital to have the ultimate duel. This duel involves fighting wild animals, enduring psychological pain, and performing a triathlon. Through the process of elimination, the top two will be chosen. Then there will be a head-to-head duel to the death for the power of presidency. The contestant who wins becomes president and they are allowed to give preferential treatment to the Local Nation they came from. Thus, the president can choose who can be in their cabinet. These cabinet members job is to go to the local nations set up and relay information given by the president. These cabinet members can hold competitions, distribute wealth in the local nations, but they can only do all these tasks by the permission of the President. The President has the power to allocate the wealth to his or her desire. He can impose any laws, rules, and regulation on the Local Nations. If there is someone who feels differently about the president and his coalitions, they have to fight to a duel. The person who wins can take presidency. The Chair for presidency is a fight and there are no terms. Until the president quits or is beaten by another opponent he can rule the nation as long as he wants.
Representing in Government:
The only form of representation in the government is through rebellion. If there are policies that the president sets forth and citizens from other local nations do not like they have to start a duel with the cabinet members. Representation in the government will be the winners of the games. Another way to represent in government is if one is chosen as a cabinet member of the president.. They will have to represents the presidents coalitions and policies to all Local Nations under the government. Government will be base on the overall ideals of keeping the people from rebelling by supplying them with basics of safety, living, education and healthcare. The people under this form of government will only be able to survive on the aid provided by the government. The games will determine the representation and the rule of the government. The overall well being of the people will decent but they will have to endure a test every year in order to get their part in government. “May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor” (Collins, 2008). Every person has to defend themselves and create a strong alliance. They need to work...

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