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The History Project Essay

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I am going to write about the life in the trenches. The ten topics that I am going to write about is the trenches, dugout, parapet, no man’s land, snipers, the rats, lice that the soldiers had and trenches fever and foot that they had some troubles with at that time. The trenches were basically a long hole that where just deep enough to cover your height of the body. The trenches were made for protection from artillery and sniper. The trenches were really smelly and hundreds of dead people eaten by huge rats. There were no toilets so they used buckets to pee in it so the sewage is getting flooded. People also can’t shower so they have a lot of lice. A lot of Tommie’s work by repairing trench and etc. Soldiers play card games and some do course at that time.

Dugouts usually sited close to the trench line. Often within or below the trench wall were ...view middle of the document...

Its meaning was clear to all sides no man's land represented the area of ground between opposing armies in this case, between trenches.

While sniping was both a recognized military practice and hobby (such as hunting for animals) was known to date back at least until the eighteenth century. Early proponents of sniping in the First World War tended to be talented amateurs drafted in to the armed services once it became clear that this peculiar brand of war was ideally suited to the static conditions of trench warfare.

There were thousands of rats among the trenches. The trench rats would be feeding from rooting littered food cans throughout No mans land. Rats invaded dugouts to search for food and shelter.

Lice infestation was the norm in the trenches. It is estimated that up to 97% of officers and men who worked and lived in the trenches were afflicted with lice. Men who returned home on leave were not likewise affected and the end of the war in November 1918 brought an end to the problem of infestation.

Trench Fever was first reported in the trenches of the Western Front in December 1914. Trench Fever attacked all armies and until the final year of the war baffled doctors and researchers. Chief symptoms of the disease were headaches, skin rashes, inflamed eyes and leg pains.

Trench foot was in fact a fungal infection of the feet brought on by prolonged exposure to damp, cold conditions allied to poor environmental hygiene. Some 20,000 casualties resulting from trench foot were reputed to have been suffered by the British Army alone during the close of 1914. Patients sometimes had to have toes amputated such were the effects of the condition.

This was what the life in the trenches looked like.

I wrote about the life in the trenches. I first wrote the intro sentence. Then I wrote about the trenches, dugout, parapets, no mans land, snipers, the rats, lice that they had and also the trench fever and foot. The last sentence that I wrote was my conclusion.

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