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The History Of The Newspaper

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The History of the Newspaper

There have been newspapers around since the 19th century. Around that
time all the papers were aimed at high class people because they were
the only people who could afford an education. They only consisted of
Standard English without any slang which is quite surprising. These
papers were huge one portrait side of a paper was A3 and when the two
pages were together then you can imagine a massive paper they were
called 'Broadsheet'.

In the 20th century more people began to read due to free education so
newspapers became more compulsory and had to change to suit
everybody's needs. This soon changed and turned into a ...view middle of the document...

Tabloid papers like the Sun and the mirror have some types of gimmicks
here are most of the gimmicks in a paper and why they are there.

Cartoons are here to attract some children and young people.

Page 3 girls are here to attract mainly male readers not like they
would be doing much reading though.

Sport is used to attract all sorts of people men or women who want to
check where the team they support is on the league table or to check
on other types of sports like boxing.

TV guide used by people who want to see what is on television they are
also using the television because they make you buy a newspaper to see
what's on the television.

Crossword is used as a competition for the reader to get something for
free when really the reader has to pay for the phone call which is
about 60p a minute.

Problem pages are used as a way of helping the readers also that other
people can relate to their problems or just to be nosey.

Free Magazine is used as another way that the paper uses to get people
to buy a paper for the free magazine.

Scratch cards are used as a quick competition for the readers who
think they have won something decent when really they have won a free
T-shirt or pair of sunglasses which probably cost the same amount as
the phone call.

Tokens are used to give something to the reader for what they think is
free when if you think about it they pay for the paper.

Horoscopes are used to get all those people who believe in their star
signs and other things like that.

Bingo cards are given away as a type of competition for the men and
women who like a it and buy a paper every day just for the...

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