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The Hiring Process For Abc Inc. The Company Is Having Problems Getting New Hires Ready To Work. What Can Be Done To Make To Process Run Smoothly?

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The Hiring Process for ABC Inc.Comm 215IntroductionABC Inc. must change the way they manage their hiring process. A way must be created to effectively hire new employees. The challenge is for ABC Inc. to create an effective automated hiring process. Being a small business, it is critical for ABC Inc. to get the right person in the job the first time around and it has to be someone who can work effectively with the Operations Specialist. A wrong hire would have major financial and operational ramifications.BackgroundThe campus recruiter for ABC Inc. has only been on the job for six months. Having never been fully trained on how to correctly hire new employees, he is expected to have fifteen ...view middle of the document...

In Addition to having the Managers Desktop notifying you on your new applicants, you can scan a copy of the Orientation Manuals in the computer, so that when you are ready to hold an orientation, all you would have to do is print the amount that you will need.This all will lead to needing a place to hold the orientation. Scheduling can be automated also, so that when accessed by anyone in the company, the schedule can be seen and conflicting schedules can be avoided.Proposed SolutionWhen job applicants come in, they are directed to an employment kiosk to electronically fill out the application (Hire Spider, 2006). They can also complete the same application online from a public or home computer. The applicant begins by entering all the prescreening information: name, contact information, Social Security number, age, etc. It politely terminates ineligible applications without wasting either the candidate's or the hiring manager's time. Next, the applicant provides information that may be used to run a background check. Finally, they take a personality assessment to determine their suitability for the job. The whole application process takes between 20 to 30 minutes of the applicant's time, and best of all, none of the recruiter time.At the conclusion of the application process, the recruiter is immediately notified via the Manager's Desktop whether the candidate rates as an acceptable hire. The recruiter can log on to review the candidate's...

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