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The High Stress Of Not Living

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Environmental Factors and Trends  

[list several key factors for each of the following] 

 HRM Policy Implications 

[Identify HR policy implications associated with this and other factors/trends in the column to the left]

Economic Conditions


South Africa

South Africa is ranked second in the world for the accountability of its private institutions, and third for its financial market developments.



France is the fifth largest economy according to nominal figures and the third largest European economy.



Spain is the thirteenth largest economy according to nominal GDP and the fifth largest European economy


Due to the competitive and successful economies, employee recruitment and retention would be a focus in order to compete with other companies. Also, employee bonuses and benefits will be competitive.




South Africa

South Africa has suffered after ...view middle of the document...


Market/Competition Changes


South Africa

Demographic trends suggest that by 2050, one of four workers in the world will be African. Both American and European companies compete for the chance to do business in South Africa.



France has a strong and steady economy, which provides them with a competitive business market. Market growth is consistent.



Spain has experienced an employment crisis over the past decade, with an unemployment rate of 18%. This has been a constant weakesss of the economy and competitive market.



With competitive business markets in all three countries, competitive salaries would have to be considered and also based upon the currency of each country. Employee recruitment and retention would also come into play in this area.


Technological Changes


South Africa

In the last 20 years, the advances in technology have been monumental in South Africa. Key areas of development include more effective monitoring and assessment techniques, the transformation of information and communication technology, and more efficient and faster transportation.



France has pioneered several technological advances. France is also the leader of nuclear technology export.



Research and development in Spain has suffered over recent years due to the Spanish financial crisis. Although Spain is currently ranked ninth in world science.



Technological innovation offers opportunities for responding more effectively to challenges in areas such as economic productivitty, agriculture, education, gender inequity, sanitation and energy.  Technologically efficient employees should be sought out and recruited.


Political-Legal Conditions


South Africa

South Africa is ranked fifth overall among African governments. South Africa operates under a parliamentary representative democratic republic.



France operates under a semi-presidential system with the same three branches of ogvernment as the U.S.



Spain has a multi-party political system and operates as both a social and democratic state.



Diversity training would come in to play again with politlical/legal conditions abroad.


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